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Inferiority of the 'Western Way of War' Slowly Comes to Light

Iran Breaches Anglo-Zionist Defenses in Historic Attack: A Breakdown

SITREP 4/11/24: Zelensky in Shock as Kiev's Largest Power Plant Wrecked in Massive Strikes

Yellen Dispatched to Beg China for Face-Saving Slowdown

Edward Luttwak: Time to Send NATO Troops

SITREP 4/3/24: Zelensky Steps Closer to Mobilization Plunge Amid Dire Warnings

Jacques Baud and the Russian Way of War

Future of the SMO: Russian Army Think-Tank Breakdown + UGVs Enter the Fray

West Desperately Deflects as Ukraine's ISIS Gambit Backfires

30k Subs Milestone: Another one! And a primer on writing

Eventful 24 Hours: Moscow Terror Attack Follows Massive UA Grid Strikes

SITREP 3/19/24: French Military Openly Floats 20,000 Troop Deployment

Macron Attempts to Woo Nation to War

Explosive Secret French Military Report Makes Shocking Admissions: "Ukraine Can't Win!"

SITREP 3/11/24: Patriots Blown Up as Mix-Messaged NATO Fumbles On

SITREP 3/7/24: Macron Raises Rhetoric Temp, First HIMARS Kill, Black Sea Fleet Setbacks & More

SITREP 3/4/2024: Rifts in Bibi's Camp as Gaza War Drags

Bundeswehr Wiretap Bombshell - German Generals Exposed Planning Kerch Strike

SITREP 2/27/24: Desperate Globalists Float Boots on Ground to Save Ukraine

Avdeevka Denouement: Russian Momentum Turning Point

The Future of the SMO [Part 2]

SITREP 2/18/24: Avdeevka Liberated

Planetary Scare: Russian Doomsday Space Weapon Steals Headlines of Avdeevka Collapse

SITREP 2/13/24: Avdeevka Turns Critical as Iskander Strike Devastates AFU Staging Area

Special Anniversary Report: The Future of the SMO [Part 1]

Zaluzhny Finally Dismissed as Chaos Reigns in AFU

Avdeevka Defenses Continue to Crumble

SITREP 2/2/24: Biden Launches Attacks as Russia Again Breaches Major Avdeevka Lines

SITREP 1/31/24: Secret Back-Channel Talks Spur Hopes on Iran De-escalation + Zelensky-Zaluzhny Showdown

SITREP 1/28/24: US Troops Suffer Fatalities in Strikes as Escalation Grows

Border Crisis Heats Up as Biden Admin Loses Grip

Iranian Axis Grinds Down US' Will as Israel Suffers Stunning Setbacks

SITREP 1/22/24: Major Breakthroughs as AFU Defense Collapses in Avdeevka

SITREP 1/20/24: Russian Gains Resume as Holidays End

Year of Troubles: The Hatchets Come Out for Substack and Simplicius

New War Drums Chill Europe with Renewed "Putin Invasion" Fears

US Launches Strikes on Yemen, and Other Updates

SITREP 1/9/24: Latest Leading-edge Tech-war Updates

Update on Palestine: IDF Claims Gaza City Victory

Under the Radar: Major CIA Revelations Expose Secret Agreements and Boundaries in Ukraine

First of the Year SITREP - Hypersonic Strikes, Disasters, War, and More Global Trends