Sitemap - 2023 - Simplicius's Garden of Knowledge

End of 2023 Roundup - Update on the War's Technological Progress

SITREP 12/26/23: Crimean Strikes & Ukraine's Mass Mobilization Arrives

Breaking Down Thinktank-land's Latest: Estonian MoD & ISW Analysis

SITREP 12/20/23: Putin and Zelensky Crossfire, MidEast Heats Up

More AFU Downers from the Press Mill + Persian Gulf Updates

Putin's Q&A and Some Revealing Article Roundups on AFU's Deterioration

Zelensky Circus Comes to Town for One Last Encore

Subscriber Mailbag: Answers - 12/10/23 [Part 3] Finale

Establishment Alarmism in Overdrive as Raytheon Lloyd Threatens Congress with War

Updates: Ukraine Funding Again Collapses as Increasingly Isolated Zelensky Grows Despondent

Subscriber Mailbag: Answers - 12/4/23 [Part 2]

Spiders in Glass Jar: Ze Desperately Buys Time as Enemies Plot

Subscriber Mailbag Extravaganza!: Answers - 11/28/23 [Part 1]

SITREP 11/25/23: Major Avdeevka Breakthroughs as NATO Plans Forever War

Subscriber Mailbag: Your Questions [11/24/23]

Two Interesting Reads: AFU Commander Interview, and a New Polish Book

New Raft of Articles Tighten the Screws on Zelensky, Plead for Course Correction

Israel and America's Growing Zugzwang

Wild Day as the Ukrainian Game of Thrones Revs Up!

SITREP 11/10/23: Israeli Economy Buckles, Russia Breaks Through in Avdeevka

Marching Toward a Night of the Long Knives in Ukraine

Western Officials Increasingly Pushing "Peace Talks" + War Updates

Zaluzhny Pens Oped for The Economist: "How to Win the War" - Analysis

TIME Magazine Profile Depicts Grim Führerbunker-Stage of Zelensky's Conflict

World Plummets into Eschatological Frenzy: Unraveling the Implications

SITREP 10/27/23: Ukraine's Prospects Dim as Russian Gains Grow

SITREP 10/24/23: Avdeevka Victories Confirmed as Mid-East Continues Slide Toward War

Battle for Avdeevka - Close Study

Biden's Address to Nation: Shameful Hypocrisy a Final Nail in America's Coffin

SITREP 10/18/23: Israel + Ukraine War Mega-Update

Israeli Conflict Takes Eschatological Turn + Ukraine War Updates

Israeli Ground Forces Get Cold Feet? + Ukraine War Updates

Israeli Flashpoint - Localized Skirmish? Or the Beginning of Major Global Black Swan?

U.S. House of Reps Meltdown Puts Ukraine's Future in Jeopardy

SITREP 10/4/23: The Beginning of a Long Fall for Ukraine

Army War College Report Predicts Mass Casualties in Near-Peer Fight Against [Russia] - Analysis

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 9/29/23 [Part 3]

Analysis of Ukraine's Escalating Crimean Strike Campaign

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 9/22/23 [Part 2]

Zelensky's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad D.C. Snubfest

SITREP 9/20/23: Friction and Turmoil

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 9/18/23 [Part 1]

SITREP 9/13/23: Tradewinds of Change

Paid Subscriber Mailbag Questions - 9/11/23

20k Subs Milestone Reached: A Big Thank You

Dire New Western Reports Call to Ditch NATO Tactics

SITREP 9/4/23: First Challengers Burn as East Continues to Rise in Power

Myths and Realities of the Russian/NATO NCO Systems

SITREP 8/30/23: Ukraine Smokescreens Failures With Meaningless Deep-strikes

SITREP 8/26/23: Wagner Denouement and BRICS Rebirth

Special Report: The Curtain Closes On Yevgeny Prigozhin

SITREP 8/20/23: F-16s Paper Over 500k Losses Report

Ukraine Commits Last Remaining Elite Brigade For Final Attempt

Change Is in the Air in Africa

SITREP 8/13/23: AFU Struggles For Symbolic Meaning In Late Summer Doldrums

Russia's CBDC - Exploring the Truth of Russia's Central Bank

SITREP 8/5/23: Projecting the Intermediate Future

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 8/3/23 [Part 3 Grand Finale]

SITREP 8/1/23: The Hegemon Begins To Unravel

Rumors of a New Russian Mobilization, and Other Interesting Things

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 7/27/23 [Part 2]

Russia Raises Stakes With Bold Strike On Danube Port

Subscriber Mailbag Answers - 7/24/23 [Part 1]

Strelkov's Vatic Fantasy Fulfilled as He's Taken Into Custody

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Questions - 7/20/23

Putin Strikes Back: Ukrainian Ports Devastated To Cap Grain Deal's Termination

Kerch Bridge Déjà Vu - Breakdown

SITREP 7/14/23: Popov's Sound and Fury and Vilnius Signifying Nothing

Azov Commanders Return, 6th Column Goes Crazy

SITREP 7/6/23: Zelensky Builds One Last Suicidal Thrust to Appease Masters

SITREP 7/4/23: Final Hour of Zelensky's Terror Ploy

The Sun Sets On Richard N. Haass's CFR Career

SITREP 6/30/23: Winds Gather Before the NATO Summit

Anatomy of Storm Shadow Interception

Nuclear Falseflag on Zaporozhye NPP Heats Up + Major Wagner Updates and More

Prigozhin's Siege Ends - Postmortem Analysis

Special Report: Emergency Situation as Prigozhin Goes Nuclear Option

SITREP 6/21/23: Russia Re-Orients to Kupyansk in Surprise Advance

Dissecting West Point Think-tank's New Analysis of Russia's Military Evolution

AFU Suffers Horror Breakdowns as Russian Forces Repel New Advance

SITREP 6/15/23: Kakhovka Powerplay Heats Up as AFU Readies For Round 2

Putin Invites Top Russian Correspondents For Candid War Q&A + SitRep Updates

SITREP 6/11/23: Ukraine Reorients and Makes Breakthroughs on Eastern Axis

Anatomy of a NATO-Planned, Trained, and Armed Disaster

Offensive Confirmed: AFU Strikes Hard But Leopards Get Spayed

First Leg of AFU's Offensive Has Begun

Postmortem Analysis on Kakhovka Dam Breach

BREAKING: Hell Breaks Loose as Kakhovka Dam Completely Destroyed

Wild Day in the Wildlands of Ukraine

SITREP 6/3/23: West Stymied by Strong Russian Economic Showing

Putin Strikes Back - Destroys GUR Bunker?

SITREP 5/29/23: Kiev Rocked as New Satellite Photos Prove Patriot Destruction

Latest Headlines Digest - The West's Tone Drastically Shifts

SITREP 5/24/23: UA's Desperate Border Stunt Ends With Large Losses

Big Milestone Is Here! And a Message From Your [Replicant] Author

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Answers - 5/22/23 - [Part 2]

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Answers - 5/21/23 - [Part 1]

SITREP 5/20/23: Bakhmut Falls, Artemovsk Rises. What's Next?

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Questions - 5/18/23

Anatomy of MIM-104 Patriot Destruction + Primer on Kinzhal Hypersonic Missile

Analyzing Kofman-Lee's Urgent New Op-Ed

Nuclear Fallout? Russian Strikes Create Richter Scale Explosion in Khmelnitsky + Updates

Black Day for Russian VVS as 'Special Air Group' Destroyed in Ambush

SITREP 5/12/23: Panic! Ukraine Launches Counter-attack

A History of Russian Innovation

SITREP 5/7/23: Prigozhin's Masterpiece Amid Powerful New Airstrikes

Emergency Evacuation of Zaporozhye, Offensive Imminent? - Video Roundup + SITREP

Prigozhin's Unprecedented Meltdown

Ukraine's Kremlin Gambit Marks Beginning of New, Darker Phase

Prophetic 1992 Interview with Putin Mentor Anatoly Sobchak Predicts Existential Clash

SITREP 5/1/23: Massive Missile Strikes Rock Ukraine

On Secession and Civil War

Supreme EUCOM Commander Gives Eye-Opening Testimony on Russia in House HASC Hearing

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Answers - 4/26/23

Video Roundup - 4/24/23

"Maestro" - The Story of How a Russian T-90A Got Stranded in a Louisiana Rest-Stop

State of the War: Video Roundup 4/21/23

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Questions - 4/21/23

Western Experts' New Fear: Russia is Evolving and Adapting

SITREP 4/18/23: Dark Clouds Roll In, As Things Heat Up

Janet Yellen Stammers Through De-Dollarization Defense in New CNN Interview

John Bolton Declares Total War on Russia

Moskva Sinking Anniversary: The Mystery Lives On

State of the War: Video Roundup

Massachusetts National Guard Member Arrested By FBI For Pentagon Leaks

SITREP 4/12/23: Offensive...or Collapse?

4/9/23: Sunday Mailbag Answers Extravaganza

MAJOR: Nato Plans for Ukraine Leaked

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Questions - 4/6/23

SITREP 4/4/23: Huge Tuesday Update Bonanza

The Truth About Russia's Economic Power: Is It Really as Small and Weak as the West Claims?

SITREP 3/29/23: Bakhmut Pincer Tightens

Mines, Depleted Uranium, and Important Addendums

SITREP 3/24/23: Offensive Paranoia!

How the USSR's Fall Unleashed a Neocon Goldrush to the Heartland

SITREP 3/19/23: AND Weekend Mailbag Answers Extravaganza

SITREP 3/16/23: Reaper Developments And Major Advances

Paid Subscriber Weekly Mailbag Questions - 3/15/23

BREAKING: Russian Su-27's Finally Down American Drone Near Crimea

The Iraq War Was A Sham

Saturday Reader's Mailbag Extravaganza - (3/11/23) - Answers

Subscriber's Mailbag - I Answer Your Questions

SITREP 3/8/23: Southern Advances Amid Prigozhin's Momentous Speech

SITREP 3/6/23: Bakhmut Noose Tightens

Shibboleths Of War: The Clash Of Old World vs. The New in Ukraine

US/NATO ISR Addendum: Deep Dive Into The Delta Leaks

5k Subs Milestone: Thank You, And What's In Store

SITREP 3/2/23: AFU Strikes Brazen Cross-Border Terror Siege Into Russia

JDAMs And GLSDBs - Wunderwaffen Or Vaporware?

The BTG Is Dead, Long Live The BTG!

The Changing Face Of War - Future of the Russian SMO

SITREP 2/26 - Urgent Update

SitRep 2/23: Putin, Prigozhin, PMC's and PMR's

In The Spirit Of Russian 'Total War'

SitRep 2/20 - Terminal Approach

SITREP: Update 2/18 - Major War Confirmed Imminent

All Seeing Eye: Can Russia Break Through The West's ISR Overmatch?

Mystery Russian Systems Are Taking Out Ukrainian Drones

Tempered Outcomes And Shaken Faiths: The Beginning Of The End?

On Shells And Armor: The War Of Sustainment

Tank Wars: NATO's Sleight Of Hand - Why NATO's Top Tanks Won't See Real Action

Ukraine Begins Escalating Chemical Warfare Against Russian Troops

The Coming Russian Offensive 2023 Part 2

Russia's Economic Future - Semiconductors, Arms, And More

The Coming Russian Offensive 2023 - Part 1

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