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Video Roundup - 4/24/23


Today’s videos of interest:

The first is a very revealing look at just how panicked the elites are becoming vis a vis the global dedollarization movement. They are beginning to verbalize their fears, which necessarily results in their further verbalizing some dark unspoken truths about the devious mechanisms of their global control. In this case, Rubio whines that poor America will soon be prevented from ‘sanctioning’ anyone it chooses, due to the fact that the Resistance Axis is creating an entirely ‘parallel economy’ with their own national currencies.

This puts into perspective, and confirms once and for all, the idea—once dismissed as ‘conspiracy theory’—that the U.S. in fact seeks to actively destroy any nation or entity which challenges the dollar supremacy of its ‘privilege exorbitante’. We saw in the Wikileaks how Hillary Clinton’s aide, Sidney Blumenthal wrote:

Blumenthal pointed out the purpose of Qaddafi's precious metal: "This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA)."

Just two weeks before Blumenthal sent the Gaddafi-gold memo, Clinton met with Sarkozy in France, where the president pressed her to back an air campaign in Libya. At the time, in justifying his enthusiasm for military intervention, Sarkozy said publicly that France had "decided to assume its role before history" to ward off a "killing spree." The French military, he said, was determined to defend any Libyans who wanted "liberate themselves from servitude."

It’s very eye-opening how these things are now being plainly stated. I’ve said multiple times recently how in the terminal end times of the regime, desperation and sheer urgency mandates the throwing of caution to the wind and the speaking of things out in the open which previously would have been consigned exclusively to top secret clearance briefs.

Rubio spells it out very clearly and explicitly: the coming global confrontations are all about the U.S. Empire’s desperate last-haul measure to protect its dollar hegemony, which is the only remaining leverage that U.S. has left in the world at all. As a flagging military power, entrenched on its own faraway world-island, U.S. no longer has the ability to project its might in a way that could deter Great Powers, or even regional ones. The dollar remains the sole instrument of the U.S.’s global dominance, but it is a privilege the American ruling class has abused to such a flagrant extent as to have extinguished its carrying power. Now, they are panicking, and openly admitting it.

They’re going to trade in their own currencies, get right around the dollar,” cries bat-eared boy Rubio. “They’re creating a secondary economy in the world, totally independent of the United States,” he stammers. And the kicker: “We won’t have to talk about sanctions in five years, because there’ll be so many countries transacting in currencies other than the dollar, that we won’t have the ability to sanction them!

Cue the horror! Rue the day that the benevolent, altruistic U.S. loses its ability to sanction half the world!

It’s interesting that Rubio gives it five years, as an article just from yesterday similarly saw the five year mark as the limit of the dollar’s reign:

The US dollar has only five years left as the principal currency for the global economy, according to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska. He claims the greenback’s superiority has for way too long been used as a weapon of vengeance against all dissenters, and often without prior legal evaluation.

This follows yesterday’s ghastly revelation that the U.S. is currently sanctioning 30% of the entire free world:

The second video is a brief rewind and poignant look at Zelensky’s rise to power. I merely wanted to use the video as opportunity to recall the outrageous fact that Zelensky, at the funding of oligarch Kolomoisky, founded a production company (Kvartal 95) which produced a show titled Servant of the People, in which he played lead role as…the president of Ukraine.

But then, reality being more twisted than fiction, he launched his own political party called ‘Servant of the People’, riding on the wave of the show’s popularity. And with this party, he won the presidency of Ukraine, on a platform of pacifism, ending the war in Donbass, measured rapprochement with Russia (at least in regards to openness to talks with Putin, etc.), amongst other things (a cruel joke in hindsight).

I still can’t wrap my head around it: it’s everything of the holographic, illusory ‘simulacra-simulation’ level stagecraft which has long haunted our worst expectations about politics, particularly of the Ukrainian variety. To blur the lines even further, Zelensky even ran billboards of ‘Servant of the People’ throughout the country, bypassing certain legal-political loopholes, and covertly funding them with his production company rather than campaign donations, which he claimed were actually ‘advertisements for the show’, but were in fact ingeniously playing double for political ads. It allowed him to basically combine the show and political campaign’s advertising into one and the same mirror campaign.

It’s just another axiomatic testament to the fine knife’s edge that power and illusion occupy together in this world, and how gullible, impressionable, and hypnotically suggestible the garden variety masses can be. The entire Ukrainian presidency is a TV Truman Show spectacle and hoax in one, funded by unctuous billionaires and CIA dark money.

In truth, there are even more surreal parallels between Zelensky’s ‘Servant of the People’ show and his ‘Servant of the People’ political party and later presidential life. But it’s point enough to bring a general attention to the lurid charade without getting lost in the weeds.

The last two videos I’ll leave you with are of the self-explanatory variety. Two candidly raw portraits of life behind the lines for Ukrainian soldiers; one tragic, the other a revealing interview with an AFU POW.

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