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Massachusetts National Guard Member Arrested By FBI For Pentagon Leaks


Thought I’d try out this video feature, just to see how it works, and today’s story gave us the perfect opportunity.

Jack Teixeira, 21 year old national guard member, was arrested at his home by a large special forces-looking outfit while he was apparently doing his homework on the back patio.

Apparently, Teixeira worked as an IT or tech support worker for the Massachusetts Air National Guard and had access to an internal DoD computer network with top secret information. He used it to download the data then ‘show it off’ to his friends on a private video game server on Discord, all for the sake of internet ‘clout’, or so goes the boilerplate cover story the MSM wants us to believe.

As Larry Johnson pointed out for us, the NOFORN on the docs meant they were not for Foreign eyes, and meant for internal U.S. DOD consumption only. However, many of the docs also had “Rel to US / FIN / UKR / 5VEY” which names Ukraine and Five Eyes countries, which are US/UK/Canada/New Zealand/Australia. The reason I make that distinction is, it would make more sense if the docs meant for a variety of allies were more accessible, as perhaps they were on more ‘open’ types of servers, but the NOFORN ones apparently were mixed in with them. So it’s pretty surprising that this young guardsman had access to computer systems filled with this stuff.

More surprising, however, is the fact that no one from the Epstein flight logs list has yet been detained in SWAT Team or Special Forces fashion on national television like this. Yet in the land of the brave and home of the free, Julian Assange and young Minecraft players are ruthlessly pursued and persecuted as Enemy #1 for, in effect, exposing the vastly illegal imperialist overreach of the Deep State cabal.

The leaks, by the way, were apparently much more extensive than initially appeared. Some now estimate there are hundreds of pages, and they have been slowly trickling onto the internet, each day batches of dozens of new documents are appearing.

The new leaks had some rather ‘interesting’ revelations; allow me to name a few of them:

1.) U.S. intel sources claimed that the spat between Wagner’s Prigozhin and Russian MOD over the supply of ammo was due to the fact that the Russian MOD didn’t actually know how much ammo Wagner was getting. According to the U.S. ‘signals intelligence’, Wagner’s ammo is not supplied directly from the MOD but through the ‘Grouping of Forces’ in Bakhmut. It’s unclear exactly what they mean here. But the point is that, according to the leaks, the Russian MOD could not actually verify how much ammo Wagner was getting, and Prigozhin was subsequently called into a meeting with Putin and Shoigu themselves in order to hash it out.

So this appears a secret admission by the U.S. that the Russian MOD was not in fact willfully withholding Wagner’s ammo, but rather had delegated the ammo distribution to a theater of operations subdivision.

2.) U.S. intel claims that Russia’s FSB believes the Defense Ministry is underreporting Russian combat deaths. However, the report states the “real number” of Russian losses is “closer to 110,000” for both killed and wounded. For anyone that knows the common ratios for WIA to KIA, knows that this confirms that Russian KIA is far lower than we imagined, considering the typical WIA estimates alone are often in the 150-250k range for Russia.

U.S. is secretly admitting Russian total casualties is 110k, that would put KIA somewhere in the 20-30k range most likely, maybe 40k at the most, which is precisely what the first leak had showed for KIA only: 35-45k. This of course is total allied losses, which means the losses for Russia alone are 15-20k KIA, which is exactly what everyone who’s actually been following the loss numbers knows it to be, and precisely what MediaZona currently has it at.

I should note that a new ‘rumor’ reported yesterday in the MSM was that total casualties (wounded and killed) for both sides is over 450-550k. These rumors appeared to be placed by intel sources. If Russian casualties are internally confirmed as making up 110k of that, then we can only infer that Ukraine owns the remaining 350-450k. This would put Ukraine at about 100-150k KIA and 250-350k WIA, give or take.

And by the way, for anyone that knows how to read between the lines, and the secret duplicitous language of the MSM, the reason for why they reported it the way they did, with the ‘combined’ losses given as a whole, is the usual trick of lying by omission. You see, it gives them the ability to ostensibly ‘write the truth’ by giving the accurate total number and thereby imply that Russia’s portion of those losses are equal or greater than Ukraine’s. In reality, they know the split but refuse to report it, keeping it vague this way allows them to continue the charade.

3.) The last and strangest of the new leaks sounds like something from a crappy British tabloid. It states that Ukrainian Presidential Office Chief of Staff Andrey Yermak ‘has learned’ of a plot to overthrow Putin inside of Russia. Insiders in the Kremlin ‘told him’ that Patrushev and Gerasimov believe Ukraine’s forces are superior to Russia and that if Russia launches any offensives they will suffer grave casualties. Therefore Gerasimov planned to sabotage the future Russian offensive and completely derail the SMO by March 5, which apparently never happened (quelle surprise). But the kicker: the March 5 date was chosen as that was when “Putin was scheduled to start a round of chemotherapy and would thus be unable to influence the war effort.”

This is the type of dreck the CIA is spending billions of American taxpayer dollars to dredge up?

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