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Probably a false flag by nato. You can bet something is planned as this coincides with zelensky meeting with his masters at the g7

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русские, вперед!

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Excellent as always, I wonder if the Clown in chief will try use zaluzhnys death as the next excuse for delaying the (phantom) counter offensive

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Jesus Christ. That was a tour de force. Well fucking done. I am (relatively) speechless.

My one point will be relating to the "frozen' conflict. Making Ukraine into another Korea, which can be swept under the rug until after the election. And also giving time for the Western World to refill armories and rebuild their Nazi army.

I have been torn on Putin. Jedi 4D chess master? Or Euro fag apologist that is reluctantly pursuing this war, and has extended it thru moderation?

This "frozen conflict" gambit will answer that question. Freezing a conflict now would harm Russia and give the West all the cards. I certainly do not advocate some manpower draining balls out offensive. But just the Russian grind. One town at a time. One big ammo dump of $200 million NATO WunderWaffens blown up a week. Never ending. Soul sapping. Right thru the November 2024 US election. And also thru the shortly arriving US economic recession.

Russia should certainly agree to talks. That is good PR. And agree to nothing except: Compete standdown of the Ukrainian Army. Immediate exit of all NATO assets from Ukraine. The Butchers of Bucha and Odessa to be delivered immediately to Russia for a military tribunal. Lifting of all sanctions. Oh, and Zelensky to be exiled to his mother genocidal Kingdom of Israel immediately.

Time will tell.

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Only unfettered evil can continue to offer up Ukrainian blood and posterity for their own aims. may I present to you, The UK and the USSA/NATO.

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Well as to the decimated units....may All Mighty God rest their souls. They fought nobly, but alas for the wrong cause, on the wrong side, at the wrong place, at the right time, and they paid the ultimate price. Propaganda is a MF, and it appears that the unread, the misinformed, fell for the okie doke, and so did the aforementioned decimated units. All for naught, all for evil. Lord have Mercy.

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IMO Russia needs to keep exerting pressure. No time for any relief. Keep the losses piling up. Otherwise let me echo what others have said. This was another masterpiece. I’m not sure how you dissect all the information much less transposing it into material that we can digest.

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f-16 squawk may be diversion from the bakhmut fall, and biden's troubles with the debt ceiling/general wretched usa economy, living on government cash since the virus.

kirby or sullivan briefed from hiroshima about f-16 being a deterrent to russian aggression against [rump] ukraine.

the quiet part may be the realization it is time to "freeze" and build for the next violations of minsk protocols.

if russia falls for that again, i.e. if russia falls for the us/neocons being trustable!

f-16 is not the most expensive aircraft to sustain, one engine is much cheaper than 2 engines, but usaf f-16 readiness rates have been declining for a decade. from a reliability standpoint and that 'flamed out' single engine airplanes become lawn darts; single engine is problematic!

any unit package of f-16's will come with a long and expensive logistics tail, lots of technicians who take years to build, and even with single engine keeping spare engines at 7000 miles from the depot would be challenging, unless usaf donates critical items that will hurt their f-16 training programs.

finally, eu f-16 are among the early "lots" and have been updated through usa managed foreign military sales projects sweeping across eu nations as they find euros. may not be that modern.

if f-16 performs like patriot, lockheed may lose sales of the newest lot 70/72 f-16's which go over $120 million each, which is about what f-35 goes for if the foreign buyers have to share development costs.

between israel and iraq/syria the s-300 have recorded enough data on f-16 to have a pretty good defensive program ready.

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As always Sir Simplicius just WOW!!! Superb.

Regarding the arrival ( probably already on their way) F16s. What are the odds NATO/US pilots will be at the controls?

Also do you think they will be based in Ukraine or another Country?

Thank you !

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The list of the units lost in the Meat Grinder is pretty stunning, and sobering. Not all of them are the AZ naughties, which I am glad they are gone, but the kids and old men yanked off the street don't deserve to be left alive rotting under rubble. My question is, how did the Uke transgender brigade do?

Does it get hot and humid in Ukraine in the summer?

Is there a way to purchase stock in toothpicks, toilet paper, and wood products from all the trees in the forest destroyed? These people are living like moles underground.

It really is sad and depleting, I want to celebrate, but jeez. At least Bakhmut is done. What an article, I feel kinda stunned, not what I was expecting for a read. Forget drinking the coffee, one needs alcohol to get through it. The Valkyrie video was amusing. All of it is just so sick on so many levels. It will seem weird if Putin isn't in charge anymore. I do not want an American, or other, puppet in his place.

Why is the little green toad still running around? The video of him visiting the Arabs was disgusting. They did not seem too impressed w/him. Imagine that.

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The elephant in the room: where will they park those damn airplanes?

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I don't understand why nobody anywhere ever suggests that Kiev Ukraine might adopt the option of retreating behind its own borders and letting its seceding oblasts go their own way

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I think the 10-15% is at the upper end. A couple of thoughts

1) The grain deal: it was extended only for 2 months. Some people seem to think it was only done to help get Erdogan over the finish line. Nothing stopping Russia from canceling it after

2) Russia I believe only cares about pressure from a few countries two of them are Saudi and more importantly China. Although the Chinese are slow and deliberate in their movements and they don’t think they are ready, two things to consider. First, the longer this war goes on, the less resources the US has to start the war with them. Second, they know that war is coming to them. They might be tempted to throw Russia under the bus but they’re not stupid. They know the cabal will NOT STOP. Freezing the conflict only slows the cabal down but doesn’t stop them. So the longer Ukraine goes, the longer they have to prepare.

3) I’m not sure what the mood will be by March 2024 but from what I understand it’s not for stopping. The Russian public are more aware of the danger and that a Minsk III will be for the same stalling reason to rearm Ukraine as Minsk II. If Putin agrees to that it will likely be the end of him. As someone who has been leading Russia for all this time and helped build it from the depths of the 90s despair, the ONLY reason that would get him to is if the threat of continuing is GREATER to Russia than stopping .. and he everyone knows now the real threat of stopping.

Just my two cents. Barring a highly negative black swan event in Russia I only see continuation until the Ukrainian/Western problem is fully solved.

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Colour rev in Moscow? Zero chance, who would dare?But what VVP can do after his reelection to destroy Brandon chances, just escalate on US troops under any pretext(eventually do a false flag for once), killing many US troops or why not in Syria if not in Ukr or on nato territory (airfields for F16 in Poland or Romania)? Body bags back during 2024 summer in the US will have a devastating effect probably a fatal one for Brandon.

Chinese MFA delegation will spend this all coming week( yes 7 days) in Moscow.

EU will sanctions all oil deliveries including via India. They also sanctionned Diamonds which is hara kiri for Antwerp (loss of 1.1% of Belgian gdp)but also for India. Sanctionned also Chinese companies. Iran does really not care about US EU sanctions anymore.

German minister advised people next winter will be more difficult for energy, nothing is sure if the winter is colder.

Tonight AFU strike on Belgorod (energy).

Expect a false flag made in UK as payback for Bakhmut( Kersh bridge? as Sunak asked friday).

Neocon faction is at the top as Macron capitulated on China at G7, asking sanctions.

This vassal will probably lose Airbus and other contracts he just signed in China for 30 billions.

Bloomberg advising Western losses up to 2 trillions at least if the war continue.

They will not capitulate as it means the end of Western hegemony, they will chose to destroy their countries (economy) or even WWIII, better than losing face to such a level.

Bojo convinced (after a one year of lobbying), almost all EU Nato leaders that Putin will never retaliate on anything they must escalate to any level there will be no cost.

Which is not the opnion of this person US Expert:

🇺🇲💥🇷🇺‼️American expert: The US is making a terrible mistake, they don't know what Russia will do...‼️

The United States is making a terrible mistake, thinking that Russia will never go all the way in response to military provocations.

As long as the US allows and to some extent encourages such actions against Russia, they cannot be safe, and they need to think seriously about the possible consequences," Symes summarized.


Financial ‘Shock and Awe’ on Russia Pronounced ‘Dead’ -- by Two Establishment Journals


S Hersh about Poland, 3B and co asking ZE to leave and stop the war are fake on purpose, as Hersh does not understand geopolitical issues about Russia. These countries are almost all the most russophobes (except Hungary).

Hersh was more or less right on NS(but he forgot to accuse both Brits and Poland), but for the rest he is not.

‼️Russian intelligence officer: Suspicious leak of information about the fall of Zelensky‼️

Information about the "conspiracy" of Eastern European countries, obtained and published by the American journalist Seymour Hersh,


Color rev starting tonight in Georgia again about the ''flights to Russia'' leader is French US citizen president of Georgia(diff from govt).

In Belgrade is it a color rev against Vucic (200.000 people friday) from the patriotic side or the usual S Power USAID one?

I have friends who went to this rally friday in Beograd, they tell me it is more a real patriotic one mixed with normal Serbs disgusted by Vucic, for the moment due to attacks last week killing many. But we all here remind the Maidan which started 'light' in nov 2013 and with no foreign assets (no violent ones) during two months before turning ugly in a few days in feb 2014.

All western countries including US are now expecting a recession of some kind in 2023, which means Biden will decrease rates and restart QE. Direct consequences, higher inflation again, which for Europe will be fatal as already much higher than in the US. Uk situation will turn catastrophic but brits are sheeps, politics know they can do whatever they want (see covid).

US bipartisan senate commity wants to sanction opec, and cap their oil price.

They also want to sanction any country which reopens relations with Assad.

Reminder: ukraine war is payback for Syria failed greater Israel regime change project.

It is only about Zionists being in Israel, neocons or not, Russians and Ukie oligarchs, diaspora + City of London aka Balfour tribe controlled.


Debt ceiling theatre is a farce like very year, but small possibility for a financial crisis on purpose as diversion to launch Digital currency(euro) still possible it would explain maybe the sudden F16 statements.

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as if ukie pilots havent been trained for over a year or even longer with NATO. but def nato pilots in ukie uniforms will arrive. the next wunderwaffles to be shot down easily. it seems each new gadget gets a PR win first time out then its crushed to where we hardly hear from it again.

someone welcome to show me a mathematical equation that allows a slower defending patriot to target and hit a faster attacking (add vertical for extra difficulty) kinzhal .

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I added an update to the article that reportedly a Ukrainian MOD spokesman has just stated that Russia is planning an 'assassination attempt on Zaluzhny'. I haven't been able to verify this statement yet, but if it's true then it appears Zaluzhny truly is kaput and they're ready to pull the plug on him soon and blame Russia, and are merely preparing the public for the news:



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