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1 Febuary 2024 For Once- a Fact Filled article from the FT on EU armaments production failures


The article is not written by a journalist but by a security and defence industry insider– hence more facts and less propaganda

The first sentence is a good reminder of where to start

‘History shows that when the political class ignore the fortunes of manual workers, it often comes back to bite them’

‘It’s not just the so-called primes — the large defence companies that sell directly to governments — that are facing a worker deficit; it’s their suppliers too. “In the defence industry today everyone needs machines, everyone needs skilled workers,” David Chour, chief executive of the Czechoslovak Group (CSG), told me. “It’s very difficult to find the machinery, and the delivery time is longer and longer.”

CSG, which manufactures the Howitzer 155mm ammunition used by Nato countries and Ukraine, would like to accelerate production. The wait for new machines is almost four years. (CSG already runs three-shift days on its existing machinery). “If we had sufficient capacity, we’d be able to produce three times more ammunition than we are now,” Chour said. ‘

What is true of armaments is true of the rest of industry, the health of a nation, as the RF has lately proven: so one begins to understand why a security consultant is interested/ing

It is possible the USEU ruling class is beginning, just beginning, to realise ‘something’ is wrong with their self destructive version of capitalism

Or perhaps not- see :

« Geurre en Ukraine La France livrera 3,000 obus par mois à L’Ukraine jusqu’en fin 2024’

Le Figaro 18 January 2024


‘Le ministre indique également qu’à compter de janvier 2024, Paris va livrer une cinquantaine de missiles chaque mois jusqu’à la fin de l’année. «Entre février 2022 et fin 2023, c'était 2000 obus par mois» livrés par la France à l’Ukraine, «à partir de janvier, ce sera 3000 obus par mois», a fait savoir Sébastien Lecornu.’

The French criticise other EU countries for making announcements of deliveries which are neverever followed up, citing the Germans

France has made an offer to the EU to manufacture 78 Ceasars, on the condition that France will pay for 12, Uk will pay for 6, the rest to be financed by other EU countries

Although production takes 15 months, cut from 30, France has promised to deliver them this year….(?)


Backed up by another EU empty head appeal to European Values, ‘democracy is great let’s re arm must be a great idea’ https://www.ft.com/content/0d24aade-7701-4298-89ff-2843a47466c5

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The Americans can do nothing to 'recover' Deterrence:

The Iranians will strike back with their immense arsenal of high-precision ASBMs, SRBMs & IRBMs in the case of American aggression towards any Iranian assets (be they on home soil or not).

Iran will not simply 'sit there & take it!'

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It's amazing how a US base in Syria doesn't register as a concern to the MSM. Thanks for your independent reporting Simplicius!

A Skeptic War Reports


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Pretty much given that Iran must allow US to hit some Iranian desert and not retaliate.

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I loved all the nafo-types twittering about "Iran FAFO." a few days ago.

So Iran fucked around... and now we are finding out that the USA was all like, "Iran, can we please drop one bomb on an empty old chicken coop?" And Iran was all like, "No." And then the USA was all like, "OK, sorry for asking." And then Biden holds his hands up near his face for like 5 minutes for no reason.

This stuff is just so hilarious to watch.

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The USA could decimate Iran easily

But chooses not to

Iran should count itself lucky

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Where did I hear today that if iran shuts down the straights of hormuz , must have been garland nixon, We-ll be paying like 17-bucks for. Gallon of gas and. 17- for a loaf a bread and we'd all go broke, no missiles required.

Victoria nuland is looking for the detachable penis she lost in the 2014 coup , last seen in an old song on sale for a bargain

She wins the miss piggy look alike contest, and John Kirby is really a piece of stuffed pantyhose puppettty

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The despicable Iranian regime would soon collapse from internal protests once the US airforce destroys all its oil facilities and ports

The Iranians should now disarm

Beg the USA for mercy and pay compensation to the US for the casualties

Also multi party elections should

Be held in Iran in July 2024

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The FT antifact article on EU ‘security’ and ‘economic power’ by their resident representative of the Ukraine régime

’Europe is to shy about using it’s economic power’


A forlorn plea to have Europe punch it’s alleged considerable economic weight, full of hymns to EU centralisations, sanctions and….an even more forlorn plea - pathos ridden - to revive the debate on the confiscation of CBR assets, while studiously avoiding making any sort of argument as to why what or how

The author is a would be politician and hanger on financed by Ukraine government factions – why the FT publishes him is hard to say, perhaps he makes their other reporters look better than otherwise they would, perhaps they blackmail secret documents out of the EU by threatening to send him to Brussels

This article was so authoritarian- focused on regulation and rule, rather than order and organisation; so oblivious of the structure and function of the EU that even the FT commenters rejected it en masse as craven pander – the FT audience is not known to be Russia friendly

If there is one aspect of EU policy re RF which everyone is certain was stupid beyond belief, it is the EU ‘economic sanctions’ – to attempt to revive this corpse is Frankenstein – ian

IMF predicts 2.6% economic expansion in Russia this year, and downgraded Germany to .5%


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Politics goes on but it's frustrating for the suffering masses. US can have back door deals with Iran but it'll only maintain status quo at best. US troops will not leave the region, Syria will remain a mess while US and Israel will continue with their on and off terrorist activities in the region. Ceasefire in Gaza will come about...again to maintain current status quo, to help Israel against ICJ, there will be some aid and rebuilding in Gaza with slow ethnic cleansing of Palestinians will carry on.

If we really want a change of world system, bloody wars and ww2 style destruction is inevitable. This seems to be the best time with collective West at its weakest economically and militarily. If China really wants to be seen as the primary world power, they need to be more proactive, military too, instead of sitting back and just grabbing benefit out of the chaos all around.

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Hard to see FJB avoiding bombing something in retaliation for the strike on the illegal US base in Syria.

If he avoids Iran and bombs militant groups in Syria and Iraq, they are going to strike more US bases in Syria and Iraq.

When you're riding the tiger (illegal bases in ME and backing Israeli genocide to the hilt), there is no getting off without a savaging.

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Musk adding payments to X doesn’t guarantee he won’t bend the knee if asked.

The best strategy is diversification.

I would get on telegram if I were you just to have a backup as it seems to me the only safe venue when/if X turns out to be a single point of failure, coupled with multiple payment providers including crypto.

I’d hate to lose you Simplicius ..

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Well, this is news to me that a CWIS can intercept at a mile. When I was around those things--the land based versions, anyway--they auto-detonated at 650 meters.

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"Israel is on a scorched earth tear, and the US is running behind it with a fire extinguisher, desperately trying to keep the flames under control."

A fire extinguisher? More like a flame thrower - there is a constant flow of military transport planes filled with weapons and ammo into Israel and the US is providing ISR to help target. They are vetoing every effort of the UNSC to get this under control.

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Thank you.

There are numerous reports that US tries to build a fully US-controlled colonial government in Ukraine, including from US-educated officials

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I'm sure there's an app out there that lets you post to multiple social media platforms. Bebo and DD Geopol appear to be using it. They don't interact with users on TG at all other than through a chat mod bot. I think you should consider it.

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