Here's another option, a long-term one.

Russia wins. USA backs off China as domestic troubles grow. Immigration hate becomes regular violence. McDonald's get targeted by robbers until half of them are forced to close down. Mass shooter kills blue-eyed babies in hospital. Local terrorism incident by Nazi American with Ukrainian PTSD. Trump goes to prison before heart attack, or his heart attack creates Qanon v.03. Political assassination of a good-looking politician. Lab created super herpes virus released, dumb people too scared to masturbate, turn to fetanyl as population plummets. Military Industrial Complex compensates for loss in foreign sales by turning the USA into Palestine, a dystopia welcomed by the majority, the overweight Public who delivered themselves to the fear campaign that shitty McDonalds' burgers might go extinct.

I was thankful watching that slip-up on Sky News, Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko admitting Russia was winning. Saw it on Larry's page this morning. If there were integrity in MSM, that clip would've been syndicated.

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All these deaths, a result of American planning to use Ukrainian men as pawns in a war of attrition to dismantle Russia. What a mistake that was for the Ukrainian leadership allowing such treachery to destroy themselves. Typically American utilizing others to get what they want without using up their own manpower. Sick!

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Oct 5, 2023Liked by Simplicius

Another insightful analysis, Simplicus; thank you.

One quibble:

“Russia winning on the other hand would give the West a major reality check which would greatly weaken them and could lead to their backing off on the Taiwan issue, particularly due to the fact that many “heads will roll” in Western leadership, most of whom will be the top ‘swamp’ creatures of the deepstate.”

No matter how wrong and destructive they are, the top ‘swamp’ creatures of the deep state are rarely held to account, and when they are, they are usually “rehabilitated” back to positions of influence and power shortly thereafter. They may submerge onto corporate boards and into academic think tanks or become mainstream news “consultants” for a time, but their heads probably won’t roll.

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Russia holding the line and China wins, hasn’t go to war, will not and knows how to fight without ever firing one shot or lancing one drone. Stupid NATO and US fighting all the line and storming like a bull upon a red flag. Is there some vodka left?

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I have tried to calculate Ukrainian casualties based on the number of amputations. I took US casualties during WW2, used the ratio of killed and injured and projected what Ukrainian losses would be based on the number of Ukrainian amputees (25,000). The number I got was 675,500 killed and 1,086,250 injured. https://twitter.com/croftyler/status/1708976748073820249

Obviously, military medicine would have improved in over 70 years, nevertheless, that would probably reduce the number of deaths by only a hundred thousand or so. The 500k figure of Ukrainians killed is probably quite realistic. The BBC and Mediazone confirm that 47k Russians have died, a sizeable number of that figure are Wagner convicts and soldiers from the Donbas Republics. https://en.zona.media/article/2023/07/10/stats

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Nit-picking, sorry... but it's "consensus", not "concensus".

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…‘Everything since then has been a massive, unprecedented, NATO lend lease effort to resuscitate and revive their “Weekend at Bernies’” army.’ - Simplicius

That is such a perfect description.

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Though the “righteous be bléssed” and richest the bolder,

though war be the altar where worships the older,

though liar who be loudest is favored who flatters

o’er teller of truths tiresome and untimely,

once peoples are poured out unplenished, unreplaced,

and Zaluzhni and Zelenski be unliving and scorned

and the glut of greed unguarded laid bare

then America take measure: neither might nor morals

nor mettle nor magic nor media enthralled

may argue the Empire you surrendered to Rus.

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great job to all shitlibs and bootlickers who ushered in yet another cash grab for the military industrial complex and another fiasco for the decrepit american empire. All that cash and weapons got siphoned off by corrupt nazis who will now turn those weapons on the Europeans. CIA should be over joyed since they love repurposing nazis into terrorists. And not a damn thing will change here in the US, where americans have 'favorite' politicians who keep screwing them over and they keep cheering them on. The US is a shithole country like no other.

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It feels like I piggyback on Simplicius' genius for the third time, but, frankly, I just now finished my own "Ukraine: A Trillion-Dollar Goldmine of Death" essay that complements his work (it even argues with him a tiny bit.) I hope he'll forgive me for linking it here:


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Russia had won the war by May of this year. The purpose of the Spring Offensive was to milk the cow dry. They had no chance at succeeding in any of their stated goals. It's been a 10+ to 1 slaughter since.

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Fascinating read. It would seem those in charge have long known Ukraine could not possibly win, and yet despite peace overtures chose to just throw bodies at the lines. Then Western politicians boast that half a million dead Ukrainians was a cheap win for their geopolitical maneuvering. Perhaps we are getting a glimpse of what our "leaders" really feel about the rest of us, just pawns on a world board to sacrifice without remorse or regret. Astounding as much as it is disheartening.

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The next event is the British inviting a casualty incident onto themselves, either a British ship being hit in the black sea or British regulars being hit on land, the gamble being that the US will not allow the UK to fight the Russians alone and will follow

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Thanks for the link for the Dmytro Komarov's documentary. Bookmarked to watch later. I watched the first 20min. Very interesting stuff. I'll repost it here:


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The obvious Ukrainian disinfo. The ratio of youth and old people does not correspond to the open pre-war data https://www.populationpyramid.net/ukraine/2021/

The number of pensioners before the war is also known - about 10 million .

23 million of the population was a bait for the pro-Russian media to start spreading. The hidden message - 6 million young people - is enough for a long war.

500 thousand dead is unrealistic, that's 1,000 killed every day, plus 3,000 wounded.

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Brilliant summation, how the U.S led Western Nato/G7 + South Korea, Australia, Japan and even my own sycophant New Zealand government can continue to defend this madness is incomprehensible.

These psychotic lunatics rely upon the group think, the herd instinct to shroud and provide the veneer they are all knowing when from similar past endeavours (Read Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan and literally every Continent except the Australian, these psychopaths have illegally waged their bloodlust)

Seemingly akin as to vampires they have an insatiable blood lust, getting drunk the greater the number to be sacrificed, oh how they salivated I recall, almost drunkenly pre the hostilities commenced by Russia, almost going into ecstasy, getting off in the modern parlance, orgasming it could be said as we listened to them jubilantly enunciate they’re chorus line, the dogma, the mantra, “however long it takes, for as long as it takes” such an epithet now so obscene, defying all humanity, the norms that for the rest of us, so correctly associate with way how things ought be, not this bunch of blood thirsty “rules based order” criminals.

I pray each day Russia under the guidance of Putin, will be blessed by God to destroy completely everything these cretins, these despots stand for and represent, they truly are a clear and present danger to us all, evil, none more exemplified than by the truly idiotic and brain dead, the devoid of common sense Gardener Josep Borrell, Ursula van der Leyer, the stuttering Jens tell more lies Stoltenberg, Charlie Michel, Adolf Scholz with 360 degrees and patent National idiot ( It used to be villages that had an idiot) Baerbock, and the lunatic Harbeck, the 3 of whom have willingly, dutifully fulfilled their Schwab Orders, destroying Germany and its people, whilst Macron, and the WEF plaything Meloni have not fared much better, however, hope springs eternal as the Pole Dancer Do Dah Do Dah Day Duda, has with his P.M ostensibly, jilted into reality by forthcoming elections had a change of heart for blindly embracing the drowning cross dressing NAZi pervert ( He who banned the use of the letter “Z”) and owner of more homes than he can count,, Elinsky, along with his bestie and Nazi hugger, JUSTIN Castro, moreover they are joined by the architects of this madness, by the truly lunatic fringe, the quartet from the U.S comprising, Blink and you miss Him, SOS Blinkin, his deputy at State, Jabber the Hutts daughter, Nuland, NSA gimp, Rake Sullivan and Octagenerian Joe always Falling or Lyin.

It is truly sick, like I said I pray daily for Russias victory over this truly reprobate group of evil doers for there is nothing, nada, zip, zero, not a skerrett of good or decency in any of them, for, by their own deeds and actions, their very words, they have made that so unequivocally clear….all of them, losers, purveyors of death, of lies, they are warmongers, murderers, criminals and charlatans all… no forgiveness, only accountability awaits.

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