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The 'coke-head of Kiev' (as the wonderful gentlemen from The Duran have dubbed him) is about to find out & experience (in person) Kissinger's Old Adage of 'To be America's Ally is Fatal.'

He will do whatever it takes to prevent the walls from closing in, but it appears that the 'Palace Intrigue' is proving to be a bit too much & his days are numbered. The 116 billion USD package is DOA, so his last lifeline may not arrive in the nick of time to save him from his cronies seizing Power.

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6 Febuary 2024 WWIII Brit wet dreams come true/Demolition Derby Russian style


Downwind from the FT is the Daily Mail, publishing a well known first Brit now US ‘historian’ : in reality an ideology PR using history baiting examples to back up an ultra thinktank position

One of the main pushers of the WWIII scenarios now being deployed in brigade + even battalion formation – to cover up impending defeat in Uk, and to try buy time for NATO rearmament

Hence timeline of 3/5/7 years ‘so we are prepared for when Russia can recover rearm and invade’

Hence the cunning brit plan to - in the meantime - divert and amuse with a plan to deploy the 20,000 they mustered just for the NATO ‘exercises’ to deploy to Ukraine – this seems barely more than a rumour, but this is the way the brits work, ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ they like to repeat : it’s ‘hush hush’ they say

The various B bureautrash continue the paso doble routine, out of one mouth complain about lack of funding broken down army ships no this no that no soldiers neither, etc etc, tanks that do not start, while out of the other mouth threaten fire and brimstone on the Russian sinners

It is thought that the brits believe, badly want to believe, that this expeditionary force not only may be mounted, but would scare the skin off of the RF

The B are not alone, they’ve got the miniBalts to up their chirrup, and Pistorius talks more than he can walk, but it is plausible that both France and Germany will stay quietly at home while repairing the odd howitzer barrel

There’s an old yarn – you can be the best, you can lie and cheat, or you can be first to cut and run: guess who is which

Meanwhile, in the real world –

“German opposition to reforming EU [War] fund risks delaying arms to Ukraine”


On NATO re arm, a new EU can’t do it wrinkle sprung by the Germans, which has re insisted that the EU Peace Fund, in fact their War Fund

1-first re imburse agreed previous advance payments

2-then re imburse not yet agreed reimbursements of previous bilateral funding

3-only then to set about funding the EPF, which means no more than drawing up new contracts – certainly not till next year…

4-or the year after because then the small EU countries know this will not benefit them but only France and Germany

5- then there’s always Orban to poke the puppy

“Large contributors to the fund claim that smaller countries such as the Baltic states secured large reimbursements from the EPF for sending outdated Soviet-era weapons to Ukraine, and used the money to upgrade their own kit.”

The icing on the cake

7- https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2024/feb/04/russia-china-iran-could-target-uk-irish-backdoor-thinktank-warns

At last the final solution to the age old Irish problem

“Britain faces a “backdoor” threat to its security from a Russian, Chinese and Iranian presence in the Republic of Ireland, according to a report by an influential thinktank that accuses Dublin of “freeloading” when it comes to European defence.

The UK should also expand its air and naval presence in Northern Ireland, to counter a growing Russian threat on the UK’s western flank, according to the Policy Exchange report, which is backed by two former defence secretaries, Michael Fallon and George Robertson.

The UK and Ireland are at risk from an “acute maritime menace” posed by a Russian doctrine of targeting undersea networks and pipelines and the presence of Russian warships, they say in a foreword to the paper.”

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You'd think the dissonance would have caught up by now - Ukr in dire need of mobilization, Ru in NO need of mobilization, Ukr society feeling the weight of casualties, Ru not really, and so on. Yet we still keep hearing the whole "ru sufferring more casualties" nonsense. Tbh I don't know how they are able to make so many advances and suffer such few losses, but it seems the armored vehicles are doing their job

The cynicism in the US is mind boggling. You'd think there would be an inkling of shame, of self awareness that in this massive bill the single largest expenditure is Ukraine, and what is almost a minor consideration is the southern border. The regime doesn't even pretend anymore.

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Dima from military summary on YouTube said he heard it was Spetsnaz that spearheaded the breakthrough that got the Russians from southeast of the Heap to the lake. They slipped between a couple fortifications and flanked them why the storm units attacked. He said they're still on the move running point on the group heading east around the top of lake. I have no idea if it's true but he's not normally that detailed.

Also I've noticed that it seems Russian's are way better at urban combat than the Ukrainians. My instincts tell me it's probably because NATO ISR isn't useful in close combat.

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I was shocked that Senator Schumer's family is from Galicia, Western Ukraine, known for 1st Galician Waffen Nazi SS and rabid Russophobia. He got personal conflict of interests and should be banned from making any financial decisions on Ukraine.

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That Family Hearth thing is cool. What a contrast with the West. In Montana a 14 year old was kidnapped from her family by the State because the parents objected to her "transitioning".

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I am pretty sure the Bandera economic infrastructure has already collapsed. A mass mobilization won't really make a difference as long as foreign sources of cash are still available.

If Vickie chose Budanov as "her guy" then I am sure the Potato-in-Chief's regime will be feting Kyrylo, Il Duce soon.

Please meet; Il Duce

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Why are they sending M1 Abrams to Avdeevka, if it is falling? Didn't the US say that those tanks should be kept very far away from the frontline, to avoid embarrassment?

Also, why sending more elite forces, if it is crystal clear that Avdeevka is doomed? If I were Zelensky or whoever is in charge, I would retreat to more favourable positions rather than sacrificing elite personnel for nothing, really!

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I still think Ukraine as a country will collapse before the AFU. When the Russians start to break through, and the proverbial water line starts to rise, the rats will become desperate, and that Rada bill will most certainly pass. They can keep plugging holes with mobiks and maybe some foreign mercs, but having no economy, no money, mass population uprisings will upend the rear before the frontline breaks. There are still hundreds of kilometers of high-rise buildings, and other fortified or fortifiable positions. Sure, not as strong, but they can still keep up a fighting withdrawal, laying mines (or IEDs) ambushes, for a long time. Ukraine is a large country, and Russia has a lot of ground left to cover even on the East of the Dnyeper. The "major gains" we've seen are a few kilometers at the most (more like a few hundred meters), and not just on the Avdiivka front, but everywhere else, too. Mostly it's just a few building blocks every couple of days. Even if Ukraine stops fighting for every inch of land, they have hundreds of kilometers to play with.

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Another great post!

I like how they say in that bill - Ukraine is fight back against Putin's bloody invasion and war of aggression; and then say they'll support aid to Gaza but no mention of why Gaza needs aid.

It seems MISTER Vindman is some sort of tough guy.

Chuck Schumer is one creepy dude.

Re - the video with the Bradley - it's interesting that only 2 soldiers ran away. I wonder if maybe the driver was hurt and couldn't run away or that they only had 2 crew to begin with. I noticed on the famous video of the 2 Bradleys engaging the T-90 that there was only the driver and a gunner/commander. I wonder if most of the Bradleys are only crewed by 2? Due to shortages of trained crew replacement? On another video of that time frame mechanic's were taking an idler wheel assembly off a Bradley and they said they will have to go to another Bradley and get the idler assembly off it. I wonder how much spare parts were sent with the Bradleys?





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"Poll" -

Would a Trump presidency actually block any and all further funding to the Ukros and _elenskyy or his personal oligarchs/natzo threateners?


Would a Trump presidency look the other way and let the Dimothugs and Republicraps in Congress and the Senate just keep sending more money and pressuring the lapdog EU to do the same?

Genuinely curious on the sentiments.

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Time to play Taps for Zelensky.

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Please send that ‘hero’ Alexander ‘motherfucking’ Vindman, Ron Filipkowski, Michael Benet, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Blinken, ‘Cookies’ Nuland and her husband Kagan, congressthing Adam Schiff, and Lindsay ‘Peace ’n Love’ Graham to the frontlines in Avdiivka. I have no doubt they will change the course of their war they have created and support.

Thanks for including the Heart of Russia video. It demonstrates just how much the Russian people cannot be defeated by the Woke West. Such a heart-warming message how love, fidelity, honor and unity nurtured first in the traditional family and then spread from community to community, are Russia’s greatest strength.

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Budanov skill set is for guerrilla warfare, small unit action, sabotage and terrorism, not the Kesselring they would need. He is Nuland's pick for the Werewulf stay behind guerrilla fight against Russia for the next generation. A total disaster for Ukraine but that is a price the neocons are willing to pay.

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"Zaluzhny has already internally accepted the position of ambassador to the UK"

As an overt NAZI he will be most welcome by the UK establishment.

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