“U.S. appears to be facing severe sabotage or just the typical slow-decline of a decadent, overwrought civilization.”

It’s self sabotage by a regime hostile to America and Americans. 10,000 illegals pouring over the border every day. Castrating kids. Indicting the main political rival.

When this is all over it will be fascinating to see what blackmail Zelensky had on Biden, where he ends up if he survives, where the money went, the experience of Ukrainian refugees with the third world migrants in Europe, and how Penny Pritzker and Hillary Clinton will help Blackrock and JPMorgan ravage what’s left of Ukraine to open its borders and fly the rainbow flag in its schools.

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"giving echoes of 9/11’s strangely disappearing jumbo jets."

Please don't do this. Large pieces of 9/11 plane debris are a simple google search away.

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Simplicius, I feel compelled to make just one off topic comment:

not even one article out of the Unz Review was dedicated to Prigozhin death since it happened, a month ago.

All there is, is a passing acknowledgement by one of the site bloggers, other than that nothing at all. This is too strange: what is their angle here?

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I find Biden appalling! I find the neocon cabal even more appalling!

What worries me is the extent of delusion average US citizen have achieved!

A congress person polled yes or no support another $100 billion for Ukraine?

What I saw was the "nos' were only 53%.

That supports the hypothesis that 47% of US citizens are as appalling as the neocons!

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"The Americans want us to continue fighting but not to win, just to bleed the Russians."- Ismael Khan. Prominent Afghan Commander, who fought against the Russians in Herat.

Is history repeating in Ukraine?

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These Ukrainians seem like a real bunch of arseholes.

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"there remain many pressure levers that Russia itself has not exercised yet and could easily make life for the U.S. much more difficult, both militarily, economically, and geopolitically in Europe."

Odds are we will never know most of what is going on. The US economy crashing will hide a lot. This winter could be a real show!

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Nato is preparing a 500+ drones, boats and scalp SSH attack on both Crimea and near border RU cities or this coming week-end or the next one..it is supposed to be 'top secret'...lol

Bad news?

Don't trust China too much they are globalists, factions exist, the ultra pro RU defense min has not been seen for weeks, wang came in Moscow after having met neocons in Malta during two days and suddenly we have this:

🇷🇺🇺🇦 The Chinese authorities are prepared to provide constructive assistance in resolving the Ukrainian crisis, according to Vice Chairman of the People's Republic of China, Han Zheng.

The Vice Chairman stated that a ceasefire is the only way to address this issue.

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That swirling sound? It's the USSA circling the civilizational drain. It's what happens to lying liars.

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"as Europe saw fit to impale themselves on Russia’s upraised economic middle finger. "


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One minor technical factoid: a fighter aircraft ejection seat is activated by the pilot with a handle that is mechanically linked to start the ejection sequence. No remote operation is possible.

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Thanks for these quick timely updates. Things seem to be accelerating now.

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Loved the eyewitness clip of the F-35 going down. It's went viral.

And it's so funny...

"I went into the bathroom to take a shave"...literally, no one goes into the bathroom to take a shave, they go into the bathroom to take a shit or a piss. So there he was, using the bathroom when he heard a noise like a screech....haha.

It's funny throughout.

He needs to do stand up comedy, and wear his straw hat with a chunk missing in the back...I mean, hilarious, I'm still laughing.

Thanks for including that clip.

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The whole official story about the F-35 was BS from the get-go. They probably only asked for the public's "help" to see if anyone filmed it lol. Why wouldn't another plane that was already in the air follow that F-35 to see where it went? Or why didn't one get airborne to do that? Pretty odd in the days of everybody filming everything on their cellphones that no one put something on Tik Tok? I remember reading a few weeks ago that deliveries of F-35s was going to be delayed again because...software testing. Interesting that dude posted on X about the software warnings.

That article stating "all agencies" agreed to give Ukraine ATACMS smells like BS, too. The agencies are split on this conflict - especially the intelligence agencies. Just look at the contradicting stories in the western media. Saying its "up to Biden" is laughable. Looks more like 'ol Joe is being made to look culpable by the folks in the background who know, and have known for a while, that this neocon escapade has been a disaster on every possible level.

I can't say I'm a bit surprised at the Poles - they never have been and never will be a true "ally" of Ukraine. They were always going to turn on Ukraine at some point; they have their own agenda. Considering how full-on they went suppressing their own population who were against the war, the refugees, etc., I wonder if this "protecting farmers" ploy will work as well as President Doo-dah & his cronies hope it will for the election.

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Sadly, the key word here is: “appear” - “Zelensky’s war appears to be on the brink.”

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Sep 22, 2023·edited Sep 22, 2023

The emotional energy to continue being surprised, or aghast, or even embarrassed requires also an appreciation of ethics…(what is virtue, compassion?), but the ugliness of the situation, the torrent of lies, the contrived indignation on the one hand, utter cynicism the other grinds whatever goodness of heart seeps up through. A continuous fixation upon the madness is not healthy. Or maybe it’s something we enjoy. DNA level. We can’t help it.

Eventually, it has to be considered: Sapiens is wired for killing. It’s what we do well. Nothing should surprise anymore. And all the talk on the strategic level, the big arrows and smaller ones, the grand plans to accomplish some significant enemy destruction, giving some great advantage the other team, well, it all depends on how much flesh you’re willing to sacrifice. “Success” can be measured by it. This is quite normal for Sapiens.

Hoping for the current debacle to end as if it solve things also ignores the regular bubbling strife and slaughter that our attention currently cannot drill down deep enough to load on top of the front page iteration; our shoulders can bear only so much. But the pages might well be filled with so much more, except for editorial review. Who can thumb through it and absorb it? What’s gone down in Artsakh for (just one) instance?

Crazy times we think, but our history is not different much.

Yet, we root for one team or the other, and expect things get better.

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