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Yes, a dismal reality (for the West) has finally emerged. It can no longer be papered over with lies and propaganda. So what's next? Russia has been clear on its objectives since day one: de-militarization and de-nazification; that is, a non-hostile state on its borders. Until this is achieved, the war will continue. What will eventually be negotiated is how this is implemented--how much is absorbed into Russia proper, how much is a de-militarized rump state and, perhaps, how much goes to Poland. Believe the Russians will consider the inclinations of the population in each area. For the Russians, it has never been about conquest or revenge. It has been about establishing a viable security arrangement. Things won't settle down until this is achieved.

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There can be no negotiations with the West ....... EVER.

If Putin negotiates with them instead of getting Russian tanks to the Polish border etc he isn't being a realist or "thinking about how it will play for China and the globalsouth" ..... he is a traitor.

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Amazing how passionate people are about the Israel/Palestine thing, this is one of the reasons I suggested to not cover it at all. Anyway, I prefer the long form format of your reports and would prefer they stay that way rather than moving to the Twitter cesspool. Perhaps the quick fix people can follow you there, but you continue to keep these write-ups as they are?

Watching the Ukraine slowly wither is very heartening, happy days, finally!

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I don't mind the long form updates, but I do need to carve out 15 min or so to be able to read them.

I suppose if you cut the length in half but made them twice as often, would be good for flow and readability.

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Ah so you're not pro Israel enough! Just analysing and reporting in an unbiased manner is not good enough!

You bad!

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'We are not ready to give up our freedom to this f**king terrorist Putin. That's it. That's why we are fighting.'

But this a'hole is not fighting. Neither is Arestovych, who is in all likelihood a thoroughly sadistic P.O.S. Zelensky would probably be terrified if he spent even one day in the frontline on the receiving end of Russia's attacks.

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great artricle thankyou so much. Wish I could help financially..but not so. Would love to read lots and lots of what you have to say about Israel and Palestine...thank God you didn't take Israel's side - Borzzikman has been putting out good videos but would love to read what you can collect.

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This is all so strange. 50 countries + Ukraine deciding acceptable negotiation terms without including Russia in the conversation... Arestovich under the belief that NATO membership is still on the table if Ukraine concedes the Donbas, and that the Russians will be stupid enough to sign a Minsk 3 in a couple of years if they don't... US planners believing they can orchestrate a freezing of the conflict to retain control over a rump Ukraine that they can pillage and re-arm for a future assault on Russia...

When are these clueless idiots going to grasp the reality they're facing?

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Will someone please explain to me the rationale Zelensky and all those who think the same way have for declaring they 'are not prepared to give our freedom to Putin' ?


I simply do not understand. What 'freedom' do they think Putin or anyone else is threatening?

Do they not realise they have been engaged on a civil war of aggression and invasion since 2014 with a declared aim of ethnic cleansing?

What have I got wrong?

Isn't that the way it is?

Where do they manufacture a threat 'to their freedom' from out of that?

They don't simply mean literally the supposed 'freedom to conquer and ethnically cleanse our own brothers' do they?

The 'freedom' to wage civil war on ethnic grounds?

I've lost the plot here and it is rather important. Presumably the half million dead Kiev Ukrainians died because they shared Zelensky's point of view which I totally miss.

I think we all ought to have it clear.

We all ought to see very clearly the two 'sides': those who think Zelensky's way and those that cannot see the sense of that at all.

Right now Zelensky for all he is losing the war and his nation and his people etc. etc... is winning the propaganda war hands down. Easily. In spades. Doubled and redoubled. Because EVERYONE seems to think that's what he's engaged upon: a legitimate attempt to preserve his legitimate freedoms.

I simply cannot understand. I can't make my mind reach far out and come up with an explanation.

I have no idea.

What the hell is he talking about?


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You have a gift. Whatever you do to broaden your reach is a benefit to all, not least of all truth and debate.

Nevertheless, please keep your long form analysis. And back it up, (just incase) and as an investment in the future. You have the makings of one hell-of-a book. After this tragic horror passes, you will be in one of the best positions to offer a thorough postmortem.

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Followed on X. First account to actually follow! (only recently joined X)

On negotiations with Russia, I'd say Russia has to hammer long and hard on the fact that Minsk was a ruse. Loudly and constantly, otherwise we'll see a lot of "Blame Russia for not reaching an agreement" (We'll see that anyway)

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Once again, thanks very much indeed for a great analysis of the situation.

Do you think that Russia could retain control of Ukrainian territory east of the Dnieper and the Black Sea coast in the face of a western funded insurgency campaign with some sort of Ukrainian government in exile to ‘legitimise’ it?

Thanks again.

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Great update, but this section sorely misses the mark, IMO:

"...For U.S. planners, it’s much better to cut their losses and freeze this thing at a point where the U.S. can still retain control over a fairly dangerous Ukrainian rump-state that can be parasitized to continue wounding, destabilizing, and fencing in Russia perennially. Plus, it gives them the chance to massively rearm and refit Ukraine for the future, while stripping it of its assets to enrich Western stakeholders, allowing them to relaunch the war at a future date to continue bleeding Russia. If Zelensky takes it “all the way” he risks the total capture of Ukraine by Russian forces..."

What you articulate above is exactly why *RUSSIA* will take this all the way (regardless of what Zelensky does), why they'll achieve a total victory (regardless of the cost and time it takes), and why US aligned interests won't have control over any part of rump Ukraine.

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OM....... “if it adopts a very defensive posture, the AFU can still likely hold out for quite a while—at least 1 to 1.5 years”!

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Any penny you get is well earned! People like you are changing the world. Like Scott Ritter keeps repeating. Knowledge is power!

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