What would one expect, Zelensky is literally nothing more than a halfwit entertainer. He's no leader or military mastermind.

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What is everyone's guess on when the white flags come out on the field?

A Skeptic War Reports


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Zelensky time is running out, ceasefire or not, and any negotiation whatsoever will not change... will not change Russia's ultimate objective on this SMO laid out since day one. The logical thing he can do now is simply surrender to Russian side, quietly behind the stage begged Putin for any kind of mercy, then face tribunal trial on the court, but that.... if, only if the ultranationalist does not kill him first.

-Reserve for further post-

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really really looking forward to the collapse. Hope it really hurts Nato. Thanks for the post.

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Commander Z is in over his head on his comedy routine and needs a hook off-stage and a negotiated settlement, including a tribunal. Oddly enough, the same for Gaza. Talk about Hamas - "terrible." Talk about Gaza and it is the new Holy Land. I want to visit Palestine in Jerusalem along with Christians, Buddhists and Hindus and Muslims and all humanity. Apartheid? Jerusalem is all of ours, including mine (I'm Irish). Netanyahu and British imperialism and genocides must go. Pray for peace and suddenly Bernie comes out, not perfectly, but as someone who is concerned for humanity's sake. To hell with Tulsi - she seems to think Muslims are evil and Democracy as in Israel (???) good. Good luck flame out. You could have made it in Maui, but now you are done. Trump doesn't look so good either, but Alex turned against him months ago, and if he is the Caucasian savior of Israel, let him go to jail.

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Der Untergang vibe all over again.

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Anxiously awaiting the AI Lancet swarms!

Maybe they could equip a swarm with lights and create messages over the sky in Kiev, such as, ...

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I'm not sure how reliable Simon Shuster's testimony is, although I imagine he is gobsmacked by the amount of attention his article has attracted; some sources reported it infuriated the Zelensky regime, especially Podolyak: here's a translation from Russian at KP.RU -

<i>"Don’t forget that this is the subjective point of view of a particular journalist who has his own vision of what is going on. Secondly, I don’t understand who all these anonymous sources are whom they refer to all the time, because when I talk to someone on behalf of the Office of the President, I make sure to say who is speaking”, said “garbage mouth” Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine”, trying to disavow the bomb effect. “In some places, these anonymous sources are people who do not have access to certain information, but they are somewhere nearby, and they want to increase their sense of importance and pass off their visions as axiomatic knowledge.”

Podolyak considered it necessary to refute the “fiction” of the author and his source and that there was some kind of irritation on Bankova caused by it or that they considered their partners to be traitors. And then he refuted himself, saying that Kiev “always voices its claims publicly”. So, are there any complaints? Yes. And if they exist, then irritation must definitely be present.

“Today, after 600 days, we can see that there are many other points that global politicians are paying attention to. And this cannot but cause certain negative reactions. But again, this is an objective process: one simply needs to work with it. And therefore, to say that the president is furious — yes, the president wants more effective communications, more effective performance of functional duties, a clearer understanding of what strategy we have and how it is being implemented”, Podolyak said as he tried to get out of the trap into which he had driven himself. “At least to realise the declared intentions at least by 70-80%. Therefore, there is certainly a certain psychological fatigue. Not for the president, I mean. But in general, if we are talking about the circumstances of what is happening in the Ukraine today."</i>

Here's the source article, for Russian speakers.


Anyway, I somewhat agree with Podolyak that this is Shuster's opinion, and I think we have learned to take unattributed quotes with a grain of salt over the last few years, since you can make up anything and say it came from 'an official close to the situation, who cannot be identified because he is not authorized to comment'. Still, a thread of disquiet and the possibility that at least some of it might be true is provided here, reflecting that only a year ago, Ukraine bestowed the Order of Merit on...Simon Shuster, presumably because it liked what he said back then.


Whatever the case, a wave of bandwagon-jumping seems to be ensuing, and suddenly nobody thinks any more that Ukraine can win - consider this piece for The New Statesman, by John Gray:

<i>“War in the Middle East will accelerate American disengagement from Europe. The question is no longer whether America’s support for Ukraine will be wound down but when and by how much. Fatigue with the war and frustration with Europe are bipartisan moods in Washington. If Donald Trump would aim to negotiate a partition of the country, a Democratic administration in 2025 might emulate Biden in Afghanistan and essentially cut Ukraine adrift. Either way the consequences would be profound.

The continent of Europe is more dependent on the American security guarantee than it has been since the most perilous moments in the Cold War. With its main proponent, Emmanuel Macron, mired in domestic troubles in France, strategic autonomy – Europe taking over responsibility for its own defence – is more remote than ever. Though the Baltic nations, Sweden and Poland are arming themselves against Russia, Germany and France are leaning towards détente. Having haunted Euro-federalists and Brexiters alike for decades, the phantasm of a European state has evaporated. Europe is (to echo Bismarck in 1872) “a geographical expression”, not a geopolitical actor. Soft power has proved to be a euphemism for impotence. In a scenario unimaginable only months ago, the continent could soon become a Balkanised peninsula on the edges of an intact Russian empire.”</i>


Great title, since 'unraveling' sums up succinctly the way it is going - as someone (Hemingway, maybe) said once, gradually at first, then suddenly. The more pressure it's under, the louder it snaps when it breaks.

Incidentally, I read that the 'repositioning' of Russian forces from around Kiev was in fact a good-faith pullback immediately after Zelensky's representative signed the peace deal in Istanbul, from which Ukraine subsequently withdrew at BoJo's urging. I found that explanation to be quite credible.

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Given that Putin froze the conflict while he was ahead in both Minsk I and II, it will be interesting to see what Russia is willing to accept for peace. While I would like to see them capture Kiev and Odessa, that might cost 100,000 men and destroy two more historical Russian cities. I have a feeling that the sign of victory will be Zelensky being shot by one of his own generals.

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The fall of Ukraine is coming. I am reminded of the scene in Lord of the Rings where, within the Mines of Morea, Gandalf reads the record of the dwarves' last battle from the Book of Mazarbul. "They have taken the bridge and the Second Hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes...drums, drums in the deep. We cannot get out. The shadow moves in the dark. We cannot get out. They are coming." May they rest in peace.

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I'm thrilled that the Senate and the House are at odds on the military aid. How about zero dollars for foreign countries until we get this country back on track? And then, how about staying out of everyone's business in the future, and minding our own?

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"Debaltsevo 2.0 is clearly emerging."


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What does the World expect when a second rate comic is made the president and has absolutely no experience in the job and no ability to learn?

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Thank you for an excellent update.

I did want to post this very amusing timeline.

First: a 2014 article about bedbugs in France


Next, a Fodor's article on 10/3/2023 about bedbugs in Paris


Followed by these 2 articles on October 25, 2023



Note both articles reference "intelligence agents/experts" a la Russiagate, Hunter Biden laptop etc. saying the bedbug stories (since 2014!) are Russian misinformation.

Next: the latest EU sanctions package against Russia


"nails, needles and knitting accessories"

Putin was asked about this latest sanctions package - I paraphrase his response: We don't need more of this junk. It might come with bedbugs. LOL

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Simpliticus, the Great, writes another MOAB's (mother of all bombs) article. From it, one concludes that the writing is on the wall. Zelensly, the penis pianist, has keyed his final notes from which he is about to become transed dickless and an irrelevance to anything political for good. The final joke will be upon himself never to set foot on Ukrainian soil again. And, wherever he goes, he will never be safe. Soon, the only name he will see on his hit list will be his own. Adieux, Zel.

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Fear not, word is that Steiner’s Panzer Gruppe will break through the enemy encirclement and save the day.

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