State of the War: Video Roundup 4/21/23


Here are a few of the most interesting videos from today.

Firstly, we have Polish president Morawiecki proclaiming that the ‘Golden Age’ of the Western world will set if Russia wins in Ukraine. It’s an interesting statement in light of the recent escalation of rhetoric from many Western/NATO heads who now regularly characterize the conflict with existential tones. I don’t think this is a new realization for them but rather the gradual letting the ‘cat’ out of the bag of something they’ve long known but concealed from the public in order to hide the true magnitude of not only their involvement in the war, but the escalatory ceiling they’re willing to take it to.

Now that things are turning critical, and they’re almost out of options, I believe they’re finally telling it straight, peeling back the layers of subterfuge and deceit which they thought would give them a moral superiority. They have no choice but to go ‘gloves off’ and utilize every possible tactic to salvage the Empire.

It is an interesting trajectory to have watched in real time; for them to go from passive dismissiveness of their involvement, feigning nonchalance at the significance of the conflict—to unbridled desperation and full-fledged admission that “the world will end” if Russia wins and that “no sacrifice is too great, no cost too heavy to bear” in order to ensure Ukraine’s victory and the West’s survival.

The second video is an interesting revelation from Prigozhin that Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has in fact sent his son to fight in the SMO under Wagner, as an artilleryman. This is particularly poignant given the fact that many people have ridiculed Peskov for being one of the so-called un-patriotic or western liberalized ilk, whose children study and live in Europe, etc. And it’s true to some extent, for instance Peskov’s daughter studied in France and reportedly even got an intern position working in the European Parliament:

But nevertheless, one will be hard-pressed to name a single Ukrainian politician willing to send their sons to the war. And while it’s true Peskov appears to have reportedly enrolled his son into an MLRS Grad unit, which safely fires from the rear and is not a frontline assault combat unit per se; but it is still something noteworthy and commendable, and shows gumption on Peskov’s part in contradiction of how he’s typically depicted.

The third amusing clip shows Scott Ritter telling a PressTV host that Ukraine will soon likely face collapse, with its army totally destroyed by Russian forces, all while a Kiev-based propagandist named Olena Tregub does her best attempt at maintaining a poker face while awaiting her turn. She goes on to blithely dismiss Ritter’s claims, saying that the majority of Ukrainians still believe in full victory.

The woman, Olena Tregub, is an ex-economic minister of Ukraine and is now member of the Atlantic Council, an infamous globalist neocon think-tank based in Washington D.C. Her story can be found here.

Interestingly, in the full interview, she says “we do not have a counter-offensive right now because we have postponed it, because we have not received the weapons…”

This follows today’s headlines of a similar stripe which are promulgating the new narrative line that the grand offensive has in fact stalled and is ‘awaiting weapons’.

The full interview can be watched here: PressTV Video Link.

The next clip is a newly declassified and released video from the Pentagram which reportedly shows Russian Su-35s intercepting and dominating American F-16s over Syria, in what U.S. refers to as “coalition airspace” (whatever that means).

'Over the course of my career I have not seen this kind of disregard for agreed upon protocols and deconfliction rules,' Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich of AFCENT said in a statement. 'We've seen Russian aircraft come within 500 feet of our aircraft. - DailyMail Article

The first video is reportedly taken from a U.S. airforce F-15, while the second is from an F-16.

This comes after panicked reports from the U.S. just last month that Russian planes are now routinely overflying directly above U.S. airbases in Syria, causing great alarm in the MIC.

Russia is clearly turning up the pressure on the U.S.’s illegal occupation in Syria in concert with Iran, who’s been doling out strikes on U.S. assets. I’ve reported before that there’s a very good chance those Iranian strikes were flown on the wings of Russian intel fed to Iranian assets as a tit-for-tat, to show the U.S. that if they want to feed ISR info to Ukraine for striking Russian targets, then Russia will do the same against U.S. assets in Syria.

The spokesperson for the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Colonel Joe Buccino disclosed on 13 April that 11 more US troops based in Syria have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury after a series of retaliatory strikes against illegal US bases in March.

According to CNN, Buccino affirmed that the US military’s medical teams are continuing to evaluate and assess their troops for indications of permanent and traumatic brain injuries.

The US personnel wounded in these attacks in Syria amount to 25 troops, including a US military contractor, who was killed at a facility in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province on 23 March. Washington claims the perpetrators of the attack were affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The final clip is an interesting, rare artifact; a sort of forgotten video from 2014 of a Ukrainian military officer giving his whispered opinions on the cabalistic forces who were truly behind the Maidan events and the disasters in Ukraine. I’ll leave the video as a self-explanatory piece for you to watch and make your own assessments. But I found it to be an incisive, raw look behind the curtain at a time when whispers of surprisingly revealing things could still be heard before they were washed away by the years of fortified propaganda and industrial-scale, institutionalized rewriting of the past. These are unvarnished words spoken at ground-zero before they could be lost to the shuffle of history in the tumultuous events that would soon follow.

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