My sources tell me that Saudi & UAE proxies in Yemen are already mass defecting to Ansarallah courtesy of their principled, moral stance on Palestine & Gaza. Basically, the American 'project' in West Asia is rapidly collapsing as we speak: 'Israel' has been repulsed by the Palestinian JOR & the Axis of Resistance have done irreparable harm to the Northern settlements. At this point, the only outcome is Iran's Ascension to Great Power Status in the region, in tandem with a full US-retreat.

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I can't tell you how hilarious it is your first reference was the famous "Secret Squirrel" of twitter.

I still have a hearty chuckle every time I think of the Canadian dunce cap helmet he bragged so proudly of having got from his "front line Ukrainian contacts" who for sure got it "off of a dead Russian." Only to delete the tweet after it was shown it was a Canadian dunce cap that was 100% donated to the UA by Canada.

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Welcome to the Middle East, where nothing is ever as it appears... and that's generally for the best.

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The USA "for once doing the just and honorable thing. " I'll believe it when I see it.

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great article - I love your stuff on the ME...thanks so much

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Russia is strangling the entire contact line like a python. I'm not sure anymore if a surrender will be reached before we see the AFU collapse and a disorderly retreat to the west side of the Dnipro river.

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I guess all of the dumb Polack jokes are based in reality.

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FJB and Blinken obviously didn't understand Netanyahoo's memo that America is Israel's bitch, not the other way around.

Interesting times ahead.

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43 Febuary 2024 FT Finally - The penny drops on Sanctions

‘The surprising resilience of the Russian Economy’


Curious but evidently true – what was obvious no surprise from any kind of non propagandised perspective was difficult to see from inside the garden, and impossible for any of the Head Gardener Class

Nonetheless the article is written kicking and screaming against the evidence and trying to find disaster lurking in Russian success, with no attempt to discover any reason for that success

The FT manages to retain/repeat the Cold War clichés of the gas station, claims the militarised economy is overheating, complains about inflation and overtight labour market, import restrictions, is surprised and calls ‘staggering’ the degree of increment in military spending

While failing to observe this spending remains well below that claimed by Nato, yet much more efficient in quantity and quality, not to mention equity – no hint of this in FT reporting

It’s not the size it’s the way you use it

One reason – the RF pays arms manufacturers upfront – a method which might hint at a solution for struggling Nato programs

Conclusion – the RF economy would have been (a little) better off without the war – a surprising

but very timid statement coming from a European newspaper well aware of the considerable damages Europe has inflicted on Europe’s economy by initiation of this war

“Other economists argue that Russia’s economy would have grown in consecutive years at a much more sustainable level if Putin had not ordered the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“2022 began from a very optimistic note, and the growth even surpassed most expectations. I would have expected that both in 2022 and 2023, we could have anticipated an annual GDP growth of around 3 per cent,” says Ruben Enikolopov, a research professor with Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona.”

President Putin was bolder and braggy er– and more informative as to the why and how, as reported by Tass, and by the Kremlin

"Our economy is growing, unlike the other economies, and has currently become the largest in Europe, the top one in Europe. And in terms of the purchasing power parity, it has become the first in Europe and the fifth worldwide," Putin said. "This process will continue gaining momentum," he added.”


One point overlooked by the FT is the melding of civilian and military production in the same plants – even tho’ westerners often talk about Russia’s use of dual use technology they fail to understand what this means

Putin mentions that the arms industry also exports to the amount of ‘billions of dollars’

“But I would like to note that overall, the defence industry plants (strange as it may seem at first sight because of the need to deliver armaments to the frontline) have increased the manufacture of civilian products by almost 30 percent – 27 percent, to be precise, in the past year and a half. This is a very good figure.

This means that we will first load them up with orders for military products now and continue doing this in the future because we need to create reserves and replenish what was spent during hostilities. But, at the same time, we will support all undertakings linked with the development of civilian production”.

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You wrote: "Now there are new reports that the US has fully doubled down on the creation of a Palestinian state—in other words, the long-sought-after two-state solution"

That's entirely unrealistic since there are actually 3 governments involved, not 2. Israel, Hamas, and Palestinian Authority on the west bank means 3 states, no matter what some clueless politicians say about a 2 state solution. Maybe these fools think that 2 different governments in 2 different areas are supposed to be considered one state . Really stupid. Who is going to appoint the U.N. representative? Hamas or the Palestinian Authority?

It's like saying there is only one China when Taiwan has its own government and is not actually part of mainland China with an ocean between the 2 states.

You wrote: "For all the corruption and evil of the US regime,..." We know where your sympathies lie. I suspect you would never say that Russia, China, Iran, or Hamas are "evil."

Looking forward to your thoughts on the U.S. bombing response in Syria and Iraq after area 55 was attacked.

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I like that snarky comment to Julian Roepcke

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Difficult to see Hamas accepting any US 2- State deal, especially if they're removed from the leadership and any so-called peace keeping can be disrupted by US or Israeli subterfuge. Just doesn't seem realistic, to me at least.

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Unless there has been a deal with Iran for the rapid withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Syria, this strike by Biden is another invitation for humiliation. It's like the Houthis, if you attack them and they keep blocking your shipping anyway, you look like an impotent fool. If you attack 85 targets and the attacks on US bases don't stop, again, you look like an impotent fool. And they're not going to stop unless you agree to get out. It just keeps getting messier and messier.

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Devil is in details West bank is 50% occupied by israeli fanatics and they are all armed to the teeth and get to vote. Now what?

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Occupied Palestine is far worse than Ukraine. Crooke cites the latest polling:

"Recall the mood within Israel: The latest Peace Index survey shows that 94% percent of Israeli Jews think Israel used the right amount of firepower in Gaza – or not enough (43%). And three-quarters of Israelis think the number of Palestinians harmed since October is justified."

Do read Crooke's much earlier than usual SCF essay here, https://strategic-culture.su/news/2024/02/02/the-three-strands-to-the-swarming-of-biden/

All resistance actors need to keep the pressure on as all know the Outlaw US Empire is agreement incapable along with their Zionists twin. The aim of the Resistance and the nations standing behind them is the ouster of the Empire from the entire Persian Gulf Region and West Asia--no bases, b=no boots, no nothing.

As for a ****Genuine**** Palestinian state, the ****entire West Bank**** must be cleansed of Zionists and provided with a robust physical connection with Gaza. And then there must be a settling of the Zionists decades worth of crimes IF we are to get a JUST solution. And the Zionists will go for none of that as the poll shows very well.

And all this talk happens while the Genocide continues and continues to be supported by the Empire while daily violating the Genocide Convention. They're still trying to make their own rules, but the world should tell Biden to shove it--this isn't just about Gaza and Palestine, but the whole Big Picture.

Now back to reading.

Finished reading and not too surprised. My only further comment deals with surrendering. Very few soldiers have a "fight to the death" mentality as we only get one life and it's unwise to throw it away needlessly. Yes, there are fanatics who don't give a shit about anything who are a danger to everyone including themselves. So, there are many variables revolving around your priceless life--is it better to die or face potential torture by your captors is probably the most frequent thought. Having others to live for--family--is another motivation to surrender. You're mortally wounded and know you don't have long to live, so you tell your mates you'll cover their retreat. IMO, the way Ukie troops are treated by command and their society provides incentive to surrender, particularly to those press-ganged into service. And if Ukie, would I want to be repatriated? I'd wait till the end of the conflict.

Another excellent read to complement Crooke is this excellent item about Ansarallah at The Cradle, https://thecradle.co/articles/yemenis-ditch-uae-saudi-coalition-for-gaza

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"srael ends the Gaza conflict and commits to the eventual creation of a Palestinian state that includes Gaza and the West Bank."

Who in their right mind can take Israel's "commitments" at face value. Unless the Palestinian state is recognized and IDF go away, I don't think it is any point of recognizing Israel.

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