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hit lindsey now. hit 'him' hard. (he likes it)

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29 January 2024 English Press declares Total War on the English Language

Patrick Wintour Guardian Newspaper England


‘Right to say western countries have national interests so degree of inconsistency inevitable, but West has left its principles open to being weaponised by luminous hypocrites such as Russia’

This quote from an article detailing how even Chatham House, the extremist hard core neo con Brit propaganda factory, in which he, and the Guardian, seem to be immersed, has come just in time!, to a more balanced support of Israel

What does this sentence mean – perhaps it means

-that Western countries have national interests, and so may be open to the RF as per negotiations/pressure/diplomacy concerning such


- western ‘principles’…..as if these denied or were in conflict with national interests, and so it is this internal Western contradiction, albeit heavenly and holy, which makes them vulnerable victims to the dastardly Russkies….?

This is HPotter children’s language - Wizards Talk in Riddles, tongue tied

If you can work out the first above, try this headline from the Economist, another brit publication, which is prima facie nonsense

“Why skipping ropes are so expensive in China”


(Clue: they’re not, & the article is worse than the headline)

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Iran controls the Maritime Chokepoints, either directly (in the case of the Straits of Hormuz) or indirectly (the Bab el Mandeb via Yemen's Ansarallah, thereby the Suez Canal's overall traffic as well).

Any 'War' with Iran would see 200+ USD Oil Prices per Barrel & an implosion of the Global Economy & a full collapse of the 'Rules Based International System.' If the Americans want all of that... while a Civil War looms in Texas & total Defeat approaches in Ukraine... They are more than welcome to do so!

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The Tsar-Hunt / Shawshank Redemption Redux pipe operation is absolutely unreal. I remember watching that movie and wondering if I would crawl through 200m of piss and shit for freedom. These guys crawled through 2km to launch an unbelievably high risk operation, and were successful. War is hell but wow does it generate absolute legends.

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Biden will try to keep things at a low simmer. Elections are not far off. But the fucking Jews in Israel will do everything possible to create as big a conflagration as possible. The world will not die because of Taiwan. Or Ukraine. Or North Korea. Those miserable genocidal fucks in Israel will be the death of the world.

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One quick comment on early content (sort of):

"But in fact the US claims the hit was not at al-Tanf, but just over the border at a base called ‘Tower 22’ on the Jordanian side:" <- looking at this base in the satellite image, the outline fence and revetments are a little pleasing, but they could be so much better.

I want to see the return of star forts, pronto. Revetments with anti-drone weapons and EW on points, so there are overlapping fields of fire and EW coverage in the immediate surroundings of the base.

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My reply to the war-loving senator would be, “You first!“

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Israel will soon begin a massive attack against hezbollah and drive to the Litani river

The USA will

Launch a substantial offensive against Iran

Sad it’s come to this

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Thank you for another detailed and insightful write-up, your speed on summarizing unfolding events is impressive. I doubt the veracity of the claims that these are the first US deaths in all the attacks on US outposts since they began in October, but the MSM admitting some now is telling. Climbing up the escalation level with a response, the west will take revenge upon civilian infrastructure and of course the spilling of innocent's blood which we know they require for survival, as do their nephilim masters.

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Who would have thought those troops right on the border of Syria would be a target?

A Skeptic War Reports


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Well, Simpliticus and all, many of us know things will continue to heat up throughout the year when a confluence of things is merging at the same time socially, politically, medically, economically, financially, and militarily just as if it was all by design. I'll comment on the financial part. David Webb, an ex-insider in the financial system, risked his life to put out this book, The Great Taking, simply as a humanitarian gesture to explain how the Masters of the Universe plan to get humanity to the "you will have nothing" stage. One clip is the book and the other clip is an interview with Daniela Cambone. I urge everyone to take a close look at this. You're future may very well depend on it.



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DC's military lunacy and ineptitude goes back much further than idiotic low level engagements in the Middle East during the last couple of decades. Take a look at DC's behavior during the Vietnam conflict. Korea wasn't much better. The cloistered fools in DC have been getting their backsides kicked, while destroying huge numbers of lives and squandering massive resources, for many decades. Note, I'm a former US Army officer but I still have no problem recognizing the ongoing disaster that is DC. And it is now falling rapidly from that already atrocious level.

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Smart people would figure out where the refueling was likely to take place and have some surprises ready, Going to be some interesting events soon

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I’m curious about the mothership drones. I have been wondering for a while why russia can’t use a cruise missile to launch a bunch of lancet drones deep into Ukrainian controlled territory and let them do their thing by looking for targets. Heck they could be used to target electrical substations or even bulldozers creating defensive structures in the deep rear.

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Just conscription for sky news commentators should be enough to beat Russia. They bleat on about shovels and washing machines and how poootin is dead. So shouldn't be a hard task for those fellas. I'm offering free bus tickets to all of them.

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