The $1 trillion dollar coin idea is certainly a sign of how far gone some peoples' minds are.

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I don’t know how you manage to pump out so much fantastic content so quickly, but we all appreciate it a lot. A very insightful read as always!

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Everybody's waiting for Zaluzhny to show his face, and I'm sitting here thinking about AI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxXpB9pSETo

And it's not as if this is a new thing, these kinds of videos were doable 5 years ago. #deepfake

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Regards BRICS (and my country of South Africa being balanced on the edge of a knife).

We're run by the ANC, a fake communist party that's pro-Palestinian and Russian-friendly but with a President whose first overseas trip was to the CFR.

The main opposition is the DA, a white-controlled fake liberal party receiving training/funding from the West. The DA is pro-Israel and anti-Russian.

The ANC has ruled badly for three decades. Hundreds of assassinations and corruption scandals never brought it down because most black people voted for its black leaders. However, massive riots in Durban and Johannesburg, like scenes from an apocalyptic movie, were a wake-up call to the fact that half the country is unemployed. Relatively, half the country receives social grants, and the ANC is too scared to removed the additional covid grant lest they lose votes. Giving half the budget to social services means the ANC will keep borrowing, and we'll keep sinking - debt repayment is one fifth of the budget.

But the ANC will lose votes in the 2024 election because South Africa is sick of loadshedding, power failures that are as long as 2-10hrs daily. That's partly the result of criminal gangs having worked, for a long time, with impunity within Eskom, the government power utility. There's the Public perception that the these mafia are linked to the ANC.

As the ANC is bankrupt, they'll need secret overseas funding to stem the loss.

In a seeming bid to get conservative Afrikaner votes (especially from those who seek secession), a tactic of the DA is to express a desire for federalism (as they control the one province where Amazon and others have their headquarters). If the ANC were weakened enough to make that a possibility, American and EU money would flood in.

If weakened sufficiently, the ANC's ever-warring internal factions could split into two parties. If that happened, the current President's side could ally with the DA. It once seemed implausible but ideology is marketing flag and not a belief. And the massive DA corruption I exposed has been protected by the ANC government.

Alternatively, the ANC could ally with the radical EFF. They would look to Russia and China. And the ANC is keen on Russian nuclear plants.

There are other options but I don't want to dig unnecessarily deep with regards my point about BRICS which is SUPPORT IS DEFINED MORE BY GREED THAN IDEOLOGY OR WHAT'S GOOD FOR A COUNTRY. For now, BRICS is clearly favoured.

"Ukraine is only the latest move in a chess game in which the world’s population are almost always pawns willing to die. In between the Kings and the dying, there are many with ambitions."

Before I dug deep into the Russo-Ukraine War, I posted https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/does-south-africa-love-russia

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I'm looking forward to reading more about what you wrote here:

"It would be hard to pull Israel away from the Western bloc in my opinion simply because Israel is the brainchild of UK and is likely controlled by MI6. Many conspiracy theorists believe that Mossad controls the world, controls both CIA/MI6 but it’s really the opposite. Israel was always the ‘forward operating base’ for the UK to gain a foothold into the Middle East to continue their Sykes-Picot and Great Game imperialism. MI6 of course completely controls and owns the CIA as well, and controls the entire U.S. establishment by way of it, but that’s another story. "

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Another excellent read!

The key step towards dedollarization will be the establishment of the BRICS reserve currency, which they're currently calling the "R5" or "R5+." Give the link below a read for the basics, it should be discussed heavily at the upcoming BRICS summit.


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Thanks for the insightful, intelligent analysis. I'm not surprised at the potential dissolution of the US; the bankster cabal has used up the US, but the neocons hang on to a delusional hope that seems self destructive and self defeating. I wouldn't be surprised by a segregation of the world into those dominated by a neofeudal system zone A, and zone B. The seperation suggests an inversion of the post 1945 order, a back to the future if you will.

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Radiation data from EU seems to work at https://remap.jrc.ec.europa.eu/Advanced.aspx and there are some points with elevated radiation, but nothing too crazy.

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Perhaps I can assuage your concerns regarding DU contamination of the "Breadbasket of Europe" - Western Ukraine's primary exports are Banderite ideology and congenital iodine deficiency (look up its symptoms, it'll help you understand a lot about this conflict).

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Thank you for this excellent analysis.

A few comments:

1) About 80% of all the paper dollars (i.e. not digital chits) are outside the United States, and about a dozen countries use them as a de facto/parallel currency for cash transactions. In fact, a lot of the strategic reserves of various countries' central banks are in physical dollars. Gonna be quite a while (or the collapse of capitalism) before that ship gets turned around.

2) The problem with selling Russian oil for rupees isn't a lack of things to buy from India, it's where to INVEST the rupees. Nearly all the bonds, treasuries, and stocks (as well as valuable real estate) around the world is transacted in currencies (US dollar, euro, Swiss franc, British pound, and Yen) that are subject to Western sanctions Other than parking your excess rupees in a bank, there's really not much you can do with them (right now). That's why the proposal for a BRICS currency is so momentous.

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EXCLUSIVE from a #NordStreamSabotage whistleblower:

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of the world, wishing for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. My identity is not of importance. What matters is the sharing of my story so that the world can understand the truth about the Nord Stream Sabotage, thereby moving forward without lies or inaccuracies.

As many of you may know, a series of clandestine bombings and subsequent underwater gas leaks occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipelines on September 26, 2022.

While there has been much speculation about the nature of this sabotage, I aim to provide additional details and facts that will give a clearer picture.

Before the attacks on September 11, 2001, I started working with contractors at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland. We were working on the Advanced Seal Delivery System (ASDS), a covert mini-submarine designed for the Navy Seals to carry out stealthy clandestine missions. This submarine is transported on the back of nuclear submarines and detaches to execute its missions.

I was chosen to work on this project, and my role was to assist in the programming of the full-sized, temperature-controlled simulator for the submarine on which the Navy Seals would train. The simulator featured screens that displayed a 3D simulation of the ASDS undocking from a nuclear submarine, executing its mission, and then returning to dock.

I spent countless hours in the simulator, ensuring everything functioned as specified. I piloted the simulator on simulated missions, just like the Navy Seal pilots would before their actual missions. Even in 2001, we had the ability to program a variety of scenarios, including the sabotaging of pipelines. Although I did not pilot a simulated mission specifically for the Nord Stream pipelines, I did simulate scenarios of covertly sabotaging pipelines. I can confirm that the United States has had this capability for decades, and the ASDS is in the US inventory, fully capable of executing the Nord Stream Sabotage.

Publicly available radar evidence from http://flightradar24.com helps shine light on how the Nordstream sabotage was conducted. As exposed by Seymour Hersh, the explosives were planted during the Baltops 22 maritime exercises. Although speculation remains as to the exact method of explosives placement, I believe that the modern Advanced Seal Delivery System (ASDS) was utilized with Navy divers. This mirrors the way I would have conducted the mission in the simulator.


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I still maintain my doubts about the DU radiaton stuff.

1) As TheDreizinReport pointed out, this Polish monitoring station regularly reports these bismuth emission spikes about once per month, and this latest spike wasn't even the largest this year.

2) The way DU would be harmful, is if you injest it, and it causes toxicity. But the LD50 for it's toxicity as a heavy metal is higher than as a radiological agent. Sure, radioactivity happens even if you don't injest it, but it's minimal

3) 6-7 times background is nothing. Passenger plane pilots / fligh attendants regularly take 10-20x normal background all year round. Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) symptoms, like nausea generally start to manifest after 50-70 REM dosage. Normal background radiation is about 0.5-0.7 REM/year. This means that for ARS symptoms to have manifested after a 1-2 week period, the background radiation has to be about 2500x to 5000x normal background. Even if the numbers are somewhat off, I would expect at least a 500-1000x increase to actually make the ARS story plausible, which would be impossible to conceal. The effects of such "clouds of radiation" play out over decades not weeks (even at Chernobyl, where the radioactive cloud contained isotopes billions and billions of times more radioactive than DU, there were only a suspected 2-300 people with actual ARS. That's in Chernobyl, not hundreds and hundreds of kms away.)

4) If you blow up DU penetrators, it's not going to vaporise for the most part, it's only going to shatter. It vaporises when it slams into a solid object at 5000 km/h (kinetic energy of around 4 kg of TNT equivalent, all discipated through friction). Chunks of DU are less dangerous, because the radiation from the inner particles doesn't penetrate the outer ones, so the surface / volume ratio greatly impacts the amount of radiation given off by DU. The only possible way of DU munitions vaporising in a similar manner to being fired, is if they are burned up in a fire, which probably did happen to an extent, however in an explosion, most of the stuff goes sky-high, only a small amount can burn.

Conclusions: DU threats of radiation may be plausible directly at the explosion site.

This entire angle seems off to me. Although it's fun to watch the anti-nuclear, "green", pro-EU idiots gawk upon hearing the words like "Uranium", "radiation" and "contamination". Thing is, radiation is detectable in much smaller amounts than what is physiologically significant, so it's easy to make people panic over it, especially since most people have no clue how it works or how dangerous it actually is.

For reference, there was a story that the teacher told us in University during in radiochemistry class that a train was carrying dug-up pipes that carried oil (from the Druzhba pipeline I think). The filth that built up during us on the walls of the pipe contained a few ppm Uranium, which set off the Geiger counters at the border, and they had to turn back. That doesn't mean you get radiation posioning from working with it.

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>The Covid hoax

Is it any wonder that he predictive value of what you wrote months ago about the upcoming big Russian offensives was so low, when you prove yourself to a delusional lunatic with comments like this?

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I know the Polish mentality well.

Too many Poles would gladly slit their own children's throats if that meant that an American would pat them on the head and call them a good dog.

For those who think that this is hyperbole, look how Poles embrace the direct biological and ideological descendants of the very people who so gleefully murdered their grandparents within living memory.

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I am surprised Russia has not taken out the Ukrainian power system and the bridges over the big rivers like the Dnipier and why it stuck with the Minsk agreements for so long when it was clear the west and Ukraine would not honour them

I also don’t know why Putin keeps calling western leaders his “partners” when they want him on trial at The Hague .

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