Hamas-Mossad False Flag Terror Spectacle already yields dividends... that's the beauty of False Flags: all is possible and all is permitted

To wit:

-A Final Solution for the Palestinian Question (Second Mass deportation/ Annihilation) conducted with full support of the West

- The US dragged into another Endless War against Iran designed to destroy the BRICS+ World Order

- Bibi and Biden emerge as War Time Presidents, immune from electoral challenges

- BIG WIN for MIC...

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As Donald Trump attempted to demonstrate with the US - Mexico border, and Israel has demonstrated in other area's of their country, walls do work. Build a wall around Gaza, with no doors.

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The grubby shekel hoarders, the money lenders, are now shamelessly running a campaign asking for donations to buy Level IV ceramic vests for their war criminals.

Jewish chutzpah has no boundaries.

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A natural consequence of mocking God. (Even though I’m an atheist)

Opening statement of Netanyahu’s speech at the UN September 22nd 2023.

“Over three millennia ago, our great leader Moses addressed the people of Israel as they were about to enter the Promised Land. He said they would find there two mountains facing one another: Mount Gerizim, the site on which a great blessing would be proclaimed, and Mount Ebal, the site of a great curse. Moses said the people’s fate would be determined by the choice they made between the blessing and the curse.”

"That same choice has echoed down the ages not just for the people of Israel but for all humanity.

We face such a choice today. It will determine whether we enjoy the blessings of a historic peace of boundless prosperity and hope or suffer the curse of a horrific war, of terrorism and despair".

If Netanyahu in all his stupidity wants to hold up a map of Israel at the UN showing the state of Palestine no longer exists when Israel broke the covenant with God then “God” in all his wisdom is going to say Mount Ebal it is!

Who said God doesn’t have a sense of Humor, seriously you cant make this shit up.

Maybe God exists after all? Divine intervention.

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As a former US Army combat arms soldier, enlisted and later commissioned, from what I've seen I'd say Hamas is composed of extraordinarily vicious and hateful as well as ignorant and fundamentally inept thugs. Given how small the area is professional Israeli forces can absolutely secure control and destroy Hamas. Doing so will of course take time and come with costs. However after what those deranged barbarians did to a great many defenseless Israeli civilians, and many children, we are about to find out how this ends. Israel has no choice but to terminate Hamas.

I'll add (after initial comment) I of course hate seeing innocent Palestinian lives destroyed but recognize the harm results fundamentally from Hamas now using them as human shields. Hamas brings nothing but death and misery to everyone. I hope once Hamas has been destroyed Palestinians in Gaza can find a path to peace with their neighbors.

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Only solution is two state solution...yea for sure...

Would work if Hamas themselves would accept Israel's existence.

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Israel is holding Gaza hostage by cutting off water, electricity, fuel and essential supplies to Gaza. Hamas has to release all hostages to get those services back. Did the people of Gaza not realize their very existence depended on the good offices of Israel? Now, they are getting a very rude awakening. Israel has told Gaza civilians to leave Gaza city and move south. They can’t go to Egypt. President Abdel el-Sisi hates the Muslim brotherhood and Hamas is part of that movement. He built a high wall on the Gaza border. Knowing their propensity to dig tunnels he made the wall extend deep underground. Other Arab states don’t seem to want Palestinians either. Jordan kicked the PLO out on Black September (1970). They went to Lebanon and that didn’t go well.

I don’t know the fate of the people who elected Hamas to govern them, but it won’t be pretty. Tough. They cheered when their brave warriors decapitated babies, killed hundreds of peaceniks, and thought they had achieved a great victory. I suspect that the Iranian response will be vocal but won’t result in Hezbollah attacking Israel. The Mullah’s problem is that their pet terrorist group in Gaza committed and filmed so many atrocities that they horrified people across the world. Had Hamas attacked military targets, it might have scored a propaganda victory. But it chose to attack civilians in Nazi fashion. That was, as they say, bad for business.

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Most of the suspended MSNBC anchors aren't Arabs. Mehdi Hasan is Indian Muslim while Ali Velshi is an Iranian.

There would be no ground offensive. Israel will use American supplied bunker busting bombs to reach Hamas fighters hiding underground.

Euro-American media propaganda has no effect on the Global South and increasingly inside the collective West it is failing to deceive. That is why Benny Boy Shapiro is melting down and blasting Tucker Carlson

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Truly, the Two State solution is the only way, but you have pinpointed the major problem, which is the very low birth rate of the Ashkenazi...Only the ultra Orthodox are having enough kids, and they tend to be fanatical...The same is true in the US, but also many jews out-marry in the US, (which produces much healthier kids because the Ashkenazi are very inbred already)..I speak as one who has taught many jewish kids, and has become aware of this problem...But really, this portrayal of either side as sub-human is highly offensive and ridiculous...A while back, we sold an old piano to a young couple for essentially nothing..he was Palestinian, she was Jewish, and they were very much in love..She wanted the piano to further her husband's musical pursuits....

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You say Palestinians have lived there for thousands of years. Islam is 1,400 years old. The people of Palestine were Pagans and Jews, with Babylonians and others messing around there until Romans took over.

Rome became Christian, so then mostly Jews and Christians. Then Islam came about and took over. Crusades, Bizantium, fighting, and then the Ottoman Empire.

British took over, and then tried to divide their former empire up in ridiculous ways, to please everyone, but failing.

Israel has never had peace with the Muslims, because they are Jews. Islam considers nonbelievers as beneath them.

Remember how the US got the marines? "To the shores of Tripoli?" Islam harassing US ships, because they weren't Muslims. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin got a copy of Koran in English so they could understand, and concluded that there was no negotiating reasonably with Islam.

In 2005, Sharon tried emptying Gaza of Jewish people and military. Money was raised for greenhouses to get an economy going. They were destroyed. Every cent of money sent to Gaza has been used for weapons. They teach their children hate, to kill Jews.

I don't blame Israel for being sick of this. So called Palestinians, let's just call them Gaza Muslims, do not want peace with Israel. It's obvious.

This is about religion. It always has been. Islam does not get along well with others, especially in an area so pathetically radicalized as Gaza.

Other Islamic countries do indeed use them to hurt Israel, but the truth is, they really do not want them as refugees, because they are too radical.

Has Israel clamped down hard on them. Yeah. What would you do? Let them develop more ways to attack you?

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Stating the obvious, but, if any "enemy" government (aka leadership NATO wants to destroy or overthrow) were to do the same as Zionist Israel and:

-lock 2.3 million people in an open air prison

-carpet bomb entire neighbourhoods, dropping 6,000 bombs weighing 4,000 tons (in less that 1 week) on the imprisoned civilians

-fire shells with White Phosphorous on the trapped population [See just how mutilated those who manage to survive White Phosphorous are...]

-kill medics who were trying to rescue injured civilians (including medics who were given “permission” to enter the bombarded areas to rescue the wounded)

-bomb hospitals, ...premeditate to destroy hospitals

-tell the population it needs to leave via one tiny crossing to a neighbouring country

-bomb that crossing repeatedly making leaving impossible

-cut off entry of water, of electricity, of food, cooking gas

-tell the half the population they need to move from the north to the south of their prison (so the occupiers can bomb the f*ck out of the north even more)

-massacre civilians as the try to leave, as ordered to...

-cut the internet so journalists can't report & civilians can't get on social media to share their experiences being genocided...

...there were be OUTRAGE.

But because it is Israel, the virtue signalling & hashtagging of Western presstitutes and politicians is even stronger & more revolting than it was for Nazis in Ukraine or al-Qaeda in Syria.

Palestinian Ministry of Health:

As of 14-10-2023 at 11:55 PM,

Martyrs and wounded as a result of the occupation’s aggression, (since the beginning of the war):

Gaza Strip: 2,215 martyrs and 8,714 wounded

West Bank: 54 martyrs and more than 1,100 wounded.

1,300+ Gaza Strip Buildings Demolished By Israeli Bombardments - UN

The UN's humanitarian agency has stated 5,540 housing units have been destroyed, and 3,750 more homes damaged so badly they are uninhabitable.

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Trying to predict the actions of apartheid Israel, with its self-confessed genocidal intent and the unequivocal support of the west veritably cheering on war crimes, with the usual sense of logic and reason, is not likely to reveal much, imho. I do not know about others, but i simply can not fathom the mentality that got them to where they are. Could Iran be the target and Gaza the bait.

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Israel was Born in Blood and forged through Iron, Will & Slaughter. It is a European Settler Colony primarily comprising a citizenry who have 2-3 (sometimes even 4+) passports. Palestine to them is a "Summer resort" for their various holiday needs. It is not "Home" in anyway.

It has simply shown its "true colours" for all to see. When the Defence Minister and other members of government go on live TV and advocate Slaughter and Genocide; they have closed off all avenues for Diplomacy by said pronouncements, period. Force is the language they speak; and therefore the Muslim world-proper is obliged to respond in kind.

This conflict will escalate, period. It is no longer a question of "If..." but rather "When?". Once it does; punitive forces need to be sent in from all sides (Shia, Sunni, Ibadi, etc) to neutralize the threat. Be it Masjid Al-Aqsa & its inviolability Or the blood of our Palestinian brothers & sisters; the Muslim world is united against the Zionist menace and said Unity is there for all to see.

Settler Colonies have Messiah complexes; and unfortunately the *least bloody solution* is for them to be Forcibly Expelled back to where they came from. This will mean millions dead; but all other alternatives are worse and far more bloody.

Ultimately it will come down to a very simple principle: European Settler Colonists will NOT "fight to death" if they have the option of fleeing to *insert European vassal here* or the US. The Palestinians and allies meanwhile will fight to the death (and then some) to preserve Al-Aqsa.

The net result to all this will be (to the horror of the nominal Western Supremacist/Chauvinist) the birth of the Caliphate with its Capital in Al-Quds. And it will be Born like Israel was Born decades ago: Born in Blood & forged through Will, Iron & Slaughter. And its starting generation will despise the Atlanticist as "those peoples who tried to eliminate us".

A professor of the Sacred Sciences put it succinctly years ago: "The question is not IF there will be a Khilafa; the question is WHEN will it come and WHAT will its starting point be?". Unfortunately for the West; it looks like the answer to the latter half of that question is: "Enmity".

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Oct 15, 2023Liked by Simplicius

I am keenly watching the Avdeevka assault as well. Like you said, Ru OPSEC is very high and there is limited info coming out from MoD or others. Military Summary and Weeb are trying to show map updates but I am not really putting much stock in their reports (yet). But I agree with your conclusion; if this assault which appears highly committed, doesn't yield results, then I would think the front line can be considered more or less frozen, minus small gains or losses here and there.

As for Gaza/Hamas, the Israeli's have political cover to do what they want to do now, and the likelihood is that they cut Gaza in half and stuff the population into the southern part. Yes it is ethnic cleansing, genocide... frankly I wouldn't be surprised to wake up and learn that the IDF dropped a neutron bomb and zapped all 2mn people living there. All talk about Iranian support - well, there is a lot of geography between Iran and Israel. Syria won't do anything; it has acted as an IAF punching bag for the last 20 years, not going to change now. Lebanon is practically a failed state. Hezbollah would do well in a defensive conflict (as in 2006) but I wouldn't like their odds if they actually tried to move south.

Finally - those thinking that US military support for Ukr will be directed to Israel; I actually think there will be no noticeable change. The types of weapons and munitions are totally different, the US will be draining different stockpiles and frankly putting Hamas and the Russian army in the same sentence is insulting

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Oct 15, 2023Liked by Simplicius

right on simplicius.. thanks..

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If we are to believe pro-Ukrainian twitter accounts, Russian losses are heavy. I can't tell if they are just compiling inevitable Russian losses during a counteroffensive and making propaganda videos out of it, or if Russian losses are actually heavy.

See below:


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