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New Frontiers, Old mannerisms.

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S does not mention the 'famous' Rheinmetall 'assembly line' in Lithuania - or rather the letter of intent

One may suppose this is connected to the more famous German brigade intended to land in that country in 2027 - but for which the requisite infrastructure is lacking - the Germans were said to be fionding it difficult to find uniforms for the planned 4,000 men, and 'volunteers' were lacking

All Rheinmetall announcements and plans and proposals should be considered devices to pump up stock market valuations, nada mas

The Czechs are getting in on the act - they too are breaking ground soon on another arms factory, having mislaid as S remarks the 800,000 155mm shells they claimed to have found

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a few years ago, a fellow wrote a book called "Bullshit Jobs." While it was mostly focused on America, there's a brief deep dive into the Bundeswehr that shows just how fucked Germany was long before Feb 2022 due to its lunatic logistics.

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David Graeber. The book is an absolute classic, if only because he, as an anthropologist, did not presume to identify jobs that are meaningless bullshit, but because the jobholders themselves declared them, in spite of high salaries, to be meaningless. And the numbers are staggering. The book is a joy.

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That describes a job with the Feds. I had one in another life. I still don’t understand how a person can get any satisfaction from doing nothing for 30years.

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Any so-called "executive" that gets their gravy from the Corporate Borg is a useless piece of shit. Without Ethics, Morals and Values "businerss" is in the market of grift, parasitism and Theft.

ANYBODY that cannot define Ethics, Morals and Values WITHIN the frame of business acumen deserves an ATACAMS WITH NO KY up their butt.

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Those factories will be mysteriously destroyed just as they come online.

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As for President Putin's insistence on the importance of economic construction in time of war, VVP is following the recommendations of Mao Tse- tung


Even the ynkas are catching on to this idea

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« Therefore it is utterly wrong to think that no economic construction should be undertaken in the midst of the revolutionary war. Those who think this way often say that everything should be subordinated to the war effort, but they fail to understand that to dispense with economic construction would weaken the war effort rather than subordinate everything to it.

Only by extending the work on the economic front and building the economy of the Red areas can we provide an adequate material basis for the revolutionary war, proceed smoothly with our military offensives and strike effective blows at the enemy's "encirclement and suppression" campaigns; only thus can we acquire the resources to enlarge the Red Army and push our front outwards to points thousands of li away, so that when the circumstances prove favourable, the Red Army will be able to attack Nanchang and Kiukiang free from all anxiety and, thus relieved of much of the task of provisioning itself, give its undivided attention to fighting; and only thus can we to a certain extent satisfy the material needs of the people so that they will join the Red Army or undertake other revolutionary tasks with even greater enthusiasm. Subordinating everything to the war effort means just this. Through the discussions at this conference and through the reports you will make when you return to your posts, we must create mass enthusiasm for economic construction among all government personnel and among all workers and peasants.

The importance of economic construction for the revolutionary war should be made clear to everyone, so that they will do their best to promote the sale of economic construction bonds, develop the co-operative movement, and set up public granaries and storehouses for famine relief everywhere.

Judged by volume, grain ranks first among the principal outgoing commodities in our trade with the outside areas.

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"" Now the outcome of the war will be decided not by such a fortuitous element as surprise, but by permanently operating factors: stability of the rear, morale of the army, quantity and quality of divisions, equipment of the army and organizing ability of the commanding personnel of the army.”

Stalin’s thesis regarding the significance of the permanently operating factors of war, as the decisive factors, was a constructive development of the Marxist-Leninist science of warfare, which stresses the direct and organic connection between the course and outcome of war and the degree and character of the economic and political development of the states concerned, their ideologies, and the training and maturity of their human forces. "


I was struck by your comment, and how it was similar in some ways to Stalin's permanent operating principles outlined in 1942. In fact when I was searching for this quote I came across a lot of articles etc that were not directly related, but noticed how closely [it seems] that current Russian policy as regards the war/SMO is similar to Soviet era thought. Not surprising perhaps.

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Thanks for this - I can only suppose that Mao's remarks are common sense, as are Stalin's

Although some research might well reveal how one influenced the other and vice versa

The only people who do not understand such precautions or planning are the usual suspects, although now even they are catching on, whether they'll be able to actually re plan re industrialise re priorites and recognise how actually to do it, is very far from likely - which is why all the yakkity about re arming in the West is nonsense masquerading as hope

See recent FT article


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PS It would indeed to best to sum up their (Stalin and Mao) policies in parallel, then compare to VVP's

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Certainly wise stuff, though not successful for a variety of reasons. In Aug of 1933 when this speech was delivered Mao was no longer head of the Red Army or in a strong leadership position. He had been removed in Oct 1932 even after defeating three consecutive encirclement campaigns. The Red Army was subsequently overrun in the Jiangxi Soviet in SW China in 1934 and began its 5600 mile trek (The Long March) to Yan'an. Mao was fully reinstated in Jan 1935 during The Long March. Some folks just can't seem to recognize genius.

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Or out of jealousy, they try to marginalise it.

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Thanks for putting Mao's speech into context

What is remarkable is that his remarks are read now as only common sense, even if at the time all aspects of his genius were not immediately recognised, it is hard now to not

In any case VVP's plans and projects seem to follow Mao's prescriptions quite closely - and he has taken precautions, in his recent executive order, to continue these through to 2036

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Advocating autarky in a wartime economy - which is mostly what Mao is on about - is nothing new - it's pretty much de rigueur for major powers at war in the modern day. Globalist concepts of supply chain rely mostly on maritime transit which is denied by the USN, and expecting foreign powers to cooperate in your warmaking is always a risk.

Russia is the best placed nation on earth to put autarky in practice. Always has been.

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Mao's common sense was at odds with the ideologues - as is VVP's

Neither the EU nor the US have any idea of autarky let alone economic re construction let alone a war economy - because....of ideology, incompetence, sense of superiority or who in fact knows why, does not chime with their particular brand of capitalism

Still less the Ukraine, the definition of a captive state and made up country

Despite all of this the EUUS continue to define RF as a failed régime and state

It's always worthwhile pointing out the basics

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Perhaps they are dosing the grandpops @ the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant w/ Captagon in order to goose a feisty & fierce rate of production from them--?!!?

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I like that Putin cares enough about society to shield them from the effects of the SMO. All this patience in dealing with the West's proxy war is also paying off.

Russia's economy and standing in the world are improving, while the West is sinking. The West keeps provoking, but Russia won't react the way they want and let them control how this goes along.

It seems that Russia knows the best revenge is living well.

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"So we do know there are major problems with IFF and possibly C3, as the above thread professes. "

Compared to what? Have you done an analysis of friendly fire ratios for other wars? I'm no expert but pretty sure it's more common than is let on.

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May 8Liked by Simplicius

"the ATACMS will likely get increasingly effective"

"the ATACMS will likely get increasingly ineffective"

Thank you 😊

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Thx 😉

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Your analysis of Putin's speech points out the heart of the matter. Means must adapt to the end and not the other way around.

btw. “That being said,” 3 appearances…


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Hello S,

Corporate customer service is a big industry in the US. I've been in those jobs for long time. A large chunk of the first half your most recent (and excellent as usual) article is something of a run-down of standard corporate customer service, also known as "managing expectations," i.e. we'll have the product (weapons) manufactured by such-and-such a date in such-and-such a quantity, the product has started the shipping process and so we estimate it to leave the warehouse by such-and-such a date, and so-on-and-so-forth.....but applied to a major war (and minus the typical Indian scammers).

From a certain perspective.....the Russo-Ukrainian War is a Customer Service War, at least from the Western side. Yes that's a cynical take, and I pray for the Blessed Virgin to look over the souls of soldiers on both sides, but it's difficult not to notice such bizarre aspects of this conflagration.

Anyways, all the best and may Christ save the souls of all involved.

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at this point, America can't even ship video games that work :) Talking AAA titles here.

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I recently moved on from the Operations side of a distribution/supply chain company that has now liquidated (America is in dire shape economically, regardless of what the powers-that-be claim). In the twilight months, we no longer had the inventory or logistical capability to fulfill orders. That did not stop us from sales intake. Everything came down to these intake numbers, that we might be able to swindle some gullible investor into putting a few more dollars into our pockets before the inevitable collapse. We fudged sales numbers, asset valuation, back-order numbers, the whole shebang.

It was eye-opening to see a company die in real time, and it truly did happen "gradually, then suddenly". Make no mistake, I see the same thing happening to America as I saw happen at my former employer, down to the same phony lies we fed our investors (or voters, in the geopolitical case).

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Yeah, not just the US, but the all of the Western nations. I think the Western nations had a really long good run, from the 1960s to the first half of the 2000s, now its over. Morally, financially, militarily bankrupt and a shocking absence of common sense. If Elites and wannabe Elites think it's smart to lie in congress about what a woman is, to say something conformist to apply to the other Elites, then those Elites are doomed. Nothing good will come out of that closed feedback loop of moronic sentiments.

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May 10·edited May 13

Great comment, I become more convinced we're dealing with transnational robber baron body who "follow the money" wherever it leads. That said consider how Germany was funded into power WWI / II by US banking, then post war eviscerated and technology transferred to US for post war boom years.

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So...It seems extremely likely that the SMO will be more or less concluded before any of these "pie in the sky" munitions reach the Ukraine...and the Ukrainians know it...I just read that 65% of the troops in the latest detachment sent for NATO training deserted after reaching the West...The whole army should be deserting..Why throw away lives, when their families need them?! End the killing, now..

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Those munitions are for when its Poland's turn to become a meat grinder. Or so the neocons in the west dream (and to make vast profits).

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It’s the west’s hysterical scare mongering that Russia wants to keep going which isn’t at all true.

The end result is that Ukraine will remain neutral a buffer between nato and Russia.

Remember the document signed by Germany, France & Russia in 2008 .The accords .

Merkel & Hollande both barefaced lied in regards to a neutral Ukraine .

Both should have hung .

2014 Kiev riots instigated by the MI6 & CIA . We haven’t forgotten here in the west .

It’s already too late to believe anything that nato or the US states anymore.

9 years Kiev COMMITTED,yes COMMITTED GENOCIDE on the two regions of the Donbas / Luhansk WHY because they wanted there own sovereignty whilst still within Ukrainian territory.

Let’s now understand that Kiev thought that by bombing infrastructure, schools, hospitals and killing whole families then those regions would change there decision well THAT didn’t work.

Russia was asked to enter dialogue after Kiev told Donbas officials they’d only enter discussions with Russia but like the childish actions Kiev officials are like they declined to .

Russia was then asked for immediate help and intervene.

My question IS . When the west knew genocide was being committed on Ukrainians by Ukrainians didn’t the UN , nato step in .

WHY Because there BOTH bitches of the US .

Not ONE nato country can do anything without the US say so .

THIS IS SOMETHING THE WESTERN MEDIA DID NOT REPORT ON and how long did the west deny that nazi fascists existed till now in the Ukraine military and police force .

I witnessed nazi fascists in west Germany when i served there .

Enough said.

British bulshit Co. ( BBC ) is a lamé company controlled by government and who also recently received from billy gates a share of £319 million pounds and you can be assured for what reason but be assured also that it wasn’t the only UK media to be given a share of that .

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything that needed to be mentioned.

Genocide IS A war crime don’t forget that .

Zelenskyy a career comedian and trans gender sympathiser who marched in the 1999 New York gay parade dressed as you can imagine then became a falsely placed so called president of Ukraine …COME ON really . The US did this and only the US instigated it .

When Ukraine is finally neutralised watch where Zelenskyy and his like run to . Will it be London where he purchased a property for £20 million pounds or Miami Beach where he als purchased a beach from villa or four of the other properties he’s bought from the billions of dollars / pounds sent to Ukraine.

10.5 increase in billionaires since 2022. Think about it .

Tax payers money.

Joe Biden makes me laugh.

Stumbling, mumbling shaking hands with ghosts.

What kind so called president in presidents day travels abroad and leaves the nation he serves. Haha no respect shown by him .

Well I’ll finish for now but remember those guilty of war crimes past and present in countries they had no right to be in and failed.




Afghanistan 20 yrs

Don’t forget the Benghazi marines left behind by Hillary Clinton & Obama.

I know this world has much to offer but not by the governments or unelected assholes that are pushing for WW3.

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If the Poles want to be ground down, they will have to cross the border. Russia is not going to Poland. But Washington and London will, naturally, try to find a way to move the Poles.

I have a feeling the Polish govt may go for a war, but not the people of Poland.

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Sounds like the Scranton plant is going to "mysteriously" explode and burn down.

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There was "already" a fire at the Scranton Plant a few weeks ago that was how would you say; suspicious. Remember the pressitutes of the US hegemon noted that "President Brandon" grew up in this town, which currently is a run down hobo encampment, rather than what is called a city. A simply "Start Page" search will reveal this fact.

This war is already over and the zionist neocons simply want "the cattle" culled by all means possible. A shame the culling blade can't have other uses.

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While imagining that Russia behind all these accidents is fancy, even maybe wishful thinking by someone, I think Occam razor applies here. It's simply accidents due to revving up production.

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Maybe these 'accidents' are as fancy as FancyBear

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Handling explosives carries risk. The special storage facilities at certain installations I have been to need to be seen to be believed. Buildings with no walls, etc. Occam's Razor indeed - far easier to imagine accidents as a result of becoming careless, which is a direct result of revving up production without all the infrastructure and labor required to do so safely.

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Yeh, but this is a LOT of plants randomly exploding for no apparent reason... But then again the US is not known for safe handling of explosives.

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Boris and Natasha are en route ....

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Putin's stance does bring the question of why SMO was started in first place, though (perhaps for same money he could just have built entire cities for couple of million of Donbass rezidents in Russia). I believe West can keep Ukraine zombie in life for many years. And demilitarization and denacification thing will not exactly amount to much- in the end. NATO, as we know, is now not far from St. Petersburg....

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You do understand that this war is concerned with more issues than consumer confidence or comfort - the essentials of which find their origins in security, which the SMO seeks to re inforce

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This is a war by the West against Russia. It started in 1945. Churchill tried to get it hot right from the start. But he lost the election and the UK's soldiers were sick and tired of his warmongering.

FWIW, the Donbas is rich in agricultural and mineral resources - including natural gas, coal and much else. It is Russia that is making a wise investment.

𝐈𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐤𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐚𝐫, 𝐚 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧’𝐬 𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐭𝐡


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"This is a war by the West against Russia. It started in 1945".

Nope, it started even earlier. President Wilson sent 3000 American troops into Vladivostok in Aug, 1918 in an attempt to overthrow the Bolshevik Government. As much as Wilson hated Blacks, he hated the commies even more. This Western fascist regime change business has a long and disgusting history. And...eff Genocide Joe and the de facto US Pres, Bibi Nutty-Yahoo.

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The historical records from the time say that the US, British, and French troops were in Russia at the end of WW1 to secure all the supplies they had sent to Russia during the war. Due to a limited internal transit capability Russia was unable to move huge amounts of war material that was delivered to its northern ports between 1914-18. The troops were there to secure the supplies from an unfriendly political movement.

If those foreign troops were there for "conquest" why did they not advance from the ports in which they landed? And besides, you can't seriously believe that anyone expected to conquer a nation of 150 million with a single brigade of troops. The Bolsheviks needed an army of over 5 million to win the Civil War. I don't mean to be impolite but if you think a mere 3000 troops were there to somehow overthrow the Bolsheviks you are stupid.

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"I don't mean to be impolite but if you think a mere 3000 troops were there to somehow overthrow the Bolsheviks you are stupid."

Ad hominem aside I suppose the American troops there could've been on holiday? Feel free to comment but maybe put some sugar on it. I've been accused of many things but I can't remember the last time anyone accused me of being "stupid".

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Re-read my entire comment before you lend further credence to my accusations of limited intelligence on your part; the reasons for the American troops' holiday is contained therein. Hope you can remember a few hours ago.

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You do not know what you are talking about. The intervention was supposed to end the Bolshevik state by assisting the White forces fighting against it. It failed. A couple hundred thousand Allied soldiers entered the Soviet state with that goal in mind. The last withdrawals didn't happen until 1925.

If going to Wikipedia gainsays what you are stating as fact, you shouldn't be accusing anyone of being stupid.

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From what I have heard, Wilson was about as much in charge then as FJB is today.

Apparently a gentleman named Col. House was always by his side.

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House was Wilson's chief European advisor but Wilson didn't become incapacitated from a stroke until Oct 1919 so at least when the US troops went into Russia, Wilson was NOMINALLY in charge. My maternal grandpa (dob 1893) fought in WW1, fighting the Germans in France. Lucky him!

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May 10·edited May 10

I don't go so far back, though agree "the long war" or "the slow war" against Russia has been a thing since WWII. Color Revolutions in Rumania, Poland & East Germany had massive assists by covert agencies. Even Naomi Klein covers Poland assist by CIA "burst radios", sneakers on ground & funding, while Craig Murray confesses to assists under diplomatic cover during 'Solidarity' movement rise. Lech Walensa didn't want to stand for President after collapse. Wanted socialist state, CIA showed him the bill /asset grab & banking control & was told John Perkins 'EHM' style " Do you think we did all that for free" - it's all documented.

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May 8·edited May 8

Nah, you can't remove money from MIC and put it into cities or other civilian things. You have to spend on military if you want to be sovereign. We all know history of last pacifist tribe which was wiped by Maoris. It's evolutionary dead end.

One important notion - you must do it diligently, not like US does.

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The west really loves using a lot of vague language and euphemisms too say "we are fucked outsourcing our industrial capacity was an insanely short sighted and stupid".

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But the short-term profits!!1 — for 57 varieties of corrupt people in power, never in the interest of the people they allegedly serve.

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Pelosi got a 65% ROI on her husband’s brilliant investments last year.

Insider trading is amazing

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It worked!

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How childish. Shame on me for laughing.

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Very interesting analysis. Thank you.

A couple of comments:

1) They're forging the steel outer shell of those artillery rounds at the same facility in Scranton that they're also making the inside stuff (that explodes)???? That is insane. Been a while since I took a deep dive into the steel industry, but something really seems off. Really seems like a factory specializing in steel production should be making the outer shell part while a different facility handles the sensitive and delicate work of the explosives/arming inner part.

2) That "Azerbaijani analyst" guy in the video straight up looks like an AI. Or else a monster from a horror film.

3) I've heard a lot of different theories about why the "slow walk" of the SMO, but as to the specific part of shooting down aircraft over the Black Sea, that would be catastrophic. The majority of the airspace over the Black Sea is "international" in nature, so no, you cannot shoot down planes there, even if they're military ones, without causing major problems (such as putting all civilian aircraft worldwide in jeopardy).

3b) Furthermore, the Montreaux Convention would be in jeopardy as well, meaning Russia couldn't get their ships (whether military or civilian cargo) in and out of the Black Sea. As irritating as those NATO spy planes/drones are in the Black Sea, shooting them down is not an option. Even the "oopsie we spilled some fuel on you" move the Russian pilot did a few months ago to an American drone was pretty close to crossing major international red lines.

4) Did the Houthis get tossed into the Memory Hole or what? They're scoring some MASSIVE victories here lately against Western shipping, and now the Coalition of Prosperity (I forget the official name) is falling apart with Germany bailing on it this week.

5) So.... is the ICC gonna grow some balls and issue a warrant against Netanyahu or not? Because fuck, man, what more evidence do they need? And the USA has already sent the ICC a really nasty letter this week threatening all kinds of reprisals.

6) What's the over/under on the Olympics in Paris in July turning into a bloodbath/civil war?

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@Sam Ursu

Re: #1?

USA made 155mm shells are not loaded with HE in Pennsylvania, both the Scranton and Wilkes Barre 155mm shell factories ship unloaded shells to the Iowa Army ammunition plant, near Des Moines for filling. The explosives used at that factory are largely produced still elsewhere- Radford Army Ammunition Plant in Virginia, Holsten Army Ammunition Plant in Tennessee, Goex in Louisiana. Plus, large imports of HE from India, Poland, Australia and other countries.

There is a lot of separation in the several required technologies, rather than "vertical integration" of all technologies on a single site. We're CRAZY here in the USA, not STUPID. But Iowa Army plant is a potential single point of failure where it all comes together, AFAIK.

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I've spent quite a bit of time at Radford, the facilities there for handling HE are interesting.

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Radford is mostly some Superfund level contaminated real estate with old but possibly servicable bunkers? With rail sidings/loading docks which might be refurbished? these days. Our leaders are TALKING about building some new production facilities at Radford (TNT & pyrocellulose?) but have not done any work there yet AFAIK. Also, it seems TNT is so passe that we'll be needing production facilities for bromo trinitro cresol or other highly insensitive HEs instead?

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Actually the reason I spent so much time there is that it is used as a continuity of operations site due to more or less proximity to the DC area for the last 20 years or so. The effort was put in to get it properly connected to the outside world for that purpose. The rest of Radford is a lot of bunkers and rail loading docks as you say. But they look very serviceable to me. The Army has a lot of buildings that have been allowed to go to shit, moldy and corroding, but not there.

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Good to know-

What became of Camp Minden/GOEX site is a shame.

The bankrupt disposal contractor (go, private sector!) bagging on their contract & abandoning thousands of tons of improperly stored & way too old propellant & letting part of it detonate really got my attention.

Holston in TN seems to still be a working concern (and to have been updated, diversified & well staffed). But they are not set up to make even 1/3 the RDX/HMX all those promised 155mm shells would need?

When we entered the era where USA couldn't even make their own black powder, I got seriously discouraged.

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I had more experience with chemical weapons disposal. A leftover liquid tank spraypainted with the words "NEVER USED" was a fond memory from one location. Like i'd trust that in a place where neurotoxins were processed.

UXOs are found constantly on the base I worked on for most of my career. Bowhunters on post have told me about 'pink mist' incidents while they were in tree stands, deer or some small critter walks in the wrong place and...

The problem is all over is what I am saying.

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I like your thinking on 6 😂

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Regarding the Montreux Convention. Turkey, from the very beginning of the SMO, began to apply the wartime rules of this convention. Warships, including Russian ones, have not been able to enter or leave the Black Sea for 2 years.

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