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Cutting of lng gas from Texas is payback at Europe's cost?

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Texas may not have intended it... but the Blow to The Federal Govt. this will inflict, will be Fatal. Even if this does not devolve & go fully Kinetic, there are too many ways it can all go wrong.

The reason has to do with how the Free Flow of Information is making everyone go on edge. In particular rumours, hearsay, etc of 'Airstrikes,' Military Force, etc. are now everywhere.

This is almost a 'self-fulfilling prophecy' as both sides grow more Tense & Suspicious:

& it may culminate in something which pushes the Nation over the Edge into Sengoku Jidai.

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Biden says Ukraines borders are more important than the USAs apparently... I'm Canadian and my politics are just smidge right of Trotsky and I back Abbott in this case. Anyways I'm going to go watch me some rugby and you can pry my SVT-40 from my cold dead hands. Night everybody.

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МОСКВА, 24 янв — РИА Новости. Российские военные впервые сообщили об уничтожении в зоне специальной военной операции французского зенитного ракетного комплекса SAMP-T. «В течение суток уничтожены склады боеприпасов 31-й механизированной и 26-й артиллерийской бригад ВСУ, зенитный ракетный комплекс SAMP-T французского производства", — говорится в сводке военного ведомства. ЗРК SAMP-T предназначен для противовоздушной обороны войск и механизированных соединений, находящихся на марше, а также обеспечения противовоздушного прикрытия стационарных объектов.

Translation: MOSCOW, January 24 – RIA Novosti. The Russian military reported for the first time the destruction of a French SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile system in a special military operation zone. “Within 24 hours, ammunition depots of the 31st mechanized and 26th artillery brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a French-made SAMP-T anti-aircraft missile system were destroyed,” says the military department’s report. The SAMP-T air defense system is designed for air defense of troops and mechanized formations located on the march, as well as providing air defense cover for stationary objects.

SAMP-T has a longer range than IRIS-T, and French Mercs could have done it without Macaron the Moron's approval.

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This is nothing but lies.

The Biden Administration is not letting illegal immigrants come into the US. They caught and expelled 2.4 million of them just last year! How's that letting them go? Yes, 300,000 got through but that's about normal for any given year.

The whole problem is with asylum seekers. Many would-be illegals are now claiming to be seeking asylum. 95% of these claims are fake. But we have to let them in while their claims are adjudicated. So we let them in. That's who all these "illegals" are crowding our city shelters - asylum seekers! Now granted Biden could put back in the wait in Mexico program of Trump. This was a new program as asylum seekers always got to wait in the US before. Now they had to wait in Mexico. But he won't do that for political reasons.

Biden has not "lost control of the border." It's bullshit. We are instead simply being flooded with asylum seekers whom the law requires us to evaluate. We don't know what to do about this very new problem. We are in new territory here. "There are millions of illegals crossing our borders!" The Republicans lie about this like they lie about everything. In order for an illegal to get caught, they have to cross the border. "2.4 million illegals crossed the US border last year!" So the Republicans scream. Yeah, but they all got caught. See how they are playing games with words.

Furthermore, last time I checked, the Republicans also refuse to fund the immigration courts where asylum claims are adjudicated. Hence there is a years-long backlog of cases and a lot of them never show up. The Republicans want the system to not work so they can blame the Democrats for a failed system. They've done this same sleazy thing with so many other government programs. Defund it and then claim it doesn't work.

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Props to the guys taking long-distance marches to fake long-range strikes. Wish they had the opportunity to put those skills to a more productive use.

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Thanks for the A50 breakdown. Some of your readers were offended that I even asked in earlier posts.

Just FYI - the LNG graphic you posted is from 2006. There are newer ones. Also back then most LNG terminals were anticipated to be import terminals. When the shale gas revolution hit, most were converted to export terminals.

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Abbott is a common slithering Republican who is owned by alien supremacists. He'll fold like an old lawn chair in a trailer park before Easter.

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Off topic I know – but among all the wars all over the world it is important to follow and to retain the lessons of this primary war with Russia – the mother of all wars and the one which will definitively change the world

27 January 2024 Lithuanian army declares war on Lithuanian politicians

‘Will Putin attack Nato? No chance says Lithuanian General’


The infighting intensifies even in the most rabid anti Russia republics

The juvenile Foreign Minister gets whipped by the commander of the armed forces, after his smirking pronouncements that Ukraine is buying him time to get himself ready to fight the RF

That there is Press and PR for some adult opinion may mean that some of the EU ruling class recognise that instead of killing off their remaining citizens and economies there may be advantages to making peace with Russia and maybe, just maybe, getting back to the time when

“This year, next year, the possibility or the probability of a war between Russia and NATO is very low, extremely low,” General Valdemaras Rupšys told Lithuanian radio Žinių Radijas on Thursday.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis seems more alert to the possibility of a Russian attack. “Yes, we're convinced that a real war is a likely possibility,” he said in Brussels on Wednesday before a meeting with EU counterparts.

“When we have to discuss military advice with those who are not really qualified to give military advice, there is some confusion,” Rupšys said on the disagreement with his foreign minister. He suggested politicians should focus on their specific roles.

“It would be good for everyone to do their job in the whole decision-making process,” the general stressed.

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According to the Duran, Ukr latest "explanation" for the Ilyushin shoot-own is that Ukr had figured it was ALSO carrying high-ranking Russian officers.

That pretty much rules out "accident", and as Alex says, what a task to explain to the murdered prisoner's relatives that this was entirely intentional...

Great work, as so often.

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Rather interesting to note the rise in entropy and the progress, indeed acceleration, of all that's unraveling. Thank you.

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Some good analysis here. Linking tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Thank you, Governor Abbott. Eventually someone of was going to stand-up to Biden. You might have been the guy that started a change in this country.

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It sure took Gov. R2D2 of Texas long enough to finally put up a fuss. This shit has only been happening for 3 years now, with 6 million+ illegal aliens pouring across the border. (They're illegal aliens - not "illegal immigrants" or "migrants.")

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27 January 2024 FT underestimated Trump

‘US aid for Kiev at risk as Republicans bow to Donald Trump over border deal’


Trump is increasing his influence over US politics, according to this FT report

Trump wishes to deny Biden his help Ukraine bill….and his border bill….and…..

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I like you, Simplicius, but stick to drones and hypersonics.

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