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Biden's Address to Nation: Shameful Hypocrisy a Final Nail in America's Coffin


Well, that’s it folks. Tonight marks what may very well be the last gasp of le siècle Américain.

Biden’s repugnant address to the nation was fraught with an unprecedented lack of self-awareness. Bloated with hubris, it showed the naked face of U.S.’s callow and abject servitude to the globalists who’ve highjacked not only America’s foreign policy, but its domestic one as well—and everything in between.

You have to be in some kind of drugged stupor or under the spell of establishment narrative to not notice the hideously rank hypocrisy that flowed from Biden’s demented, medically-malformed mouth tonight. In the same sentence, he unironically condemned Putin’s “barbaric invasion” over a smaller neighbor while begging for tens of billions for Israel to…carry out a barbaric invasion over its smaller neighbor.

How is it possible for that many people to be so asleep as to not see the patent hypocrisy in that? We’re to believe that Putin’s “cruel and unjust” bombs are killing Ukrainians while Israel’s “justified” bombs are merely ‘collateralizing’ the Palestinians.

At the ~2:50 mark, he even has the gall to compare Hamas to Russia in that “they both want to annihilate a neighboring Democracy.” This is gaslighting of historic proportions—and Biden loves historic pretensions, after all he compared himself to Abraham Lincoln during the speech.

It’s a well-known and established fact that Israel’s one and only goal is to completely remove Palestinians from Gaza and send them to Egypt, which is the literal definition of removing a neighboring country, given that Gaza will consequently cease to exist. Secondly, given the fact that the entire UN has recognized Palestine as a nation, but Israel refuses to allow the Palestinians their nationhood, means it is Israel by definition that is trying to literally eradicate a nation on its own very borders; and not just trying, but has effectively already done so.

Here’s a very old newspaper that proves Israel’s plans were always to push Palestinians from Gaza into the Sinai, and those from the West Bank into Jordan:

Now Israel is deliberately targeting hospitals, mosques, and churches in order to strip northern Gaza of any amenities, landmarks, or cultural sites worth living near, so as to leave Palestinians with no choice but to clear out south.

Yes, folks—this is real. They’re not even making any pretenses to hide it anymore:

It’s all about pure destruction and purposeful genocide to evict the Palestinians in a new Nakba.

But the old demented fogey’s hypocritical parallels continue.

He mocks Putin for claiming that the Soviet Union created Ukraine—that is, in essence, he’s defending the fact that Ukraine has a rightful mandate to exist despite being a rather artificial construct. Well, Palestine too was carved up and its remains turned into arbitrary, artificial states—so shouldn’t they likewise have a right to exist? What gives Israel the right to deny Palestine its own legal right to statehood, inherent to the original Partition Plan certified by the UN?

He goes on to say that Ukraine is just trying to free its land of the invader—hello? What do you think Palestinians are trying to do? Not only in the immediate sense, considering that Israel is about to launch a land invasion literally into their land of Gaza, but in the wider sense that the state of Israel itself exists on historical and ancestral Palestinian land. Interestingly, when the Partition was created in 1947, 62% of the land of Palestine was allotted to the Jewish state even though Palestinians outnumbered Jews 2 to 1. Now that’s equity!

But Biden does a clumsy job of tying it all together. You see, it’s a monumental failed attempt at classic, textbook gaslighting. He opens by making a case for racist Arab genocide, and then finishes his repulsive screed by showing “how much he loves Muslims” by invoking the rampant “Islamophobia” in America, naming the Muslim child recently killed in Chicago on account of the events in Israel, etc.

This is classic gaslighting. It’s the abusive husband who beats his wife then tries to lovebomb and manipulate her into thinking he did it out of love and compassion for her. “It’s because I care so much about you that I have to beat you senseless!”

So why did I start off with the seemingly clickbaity opener that this is the final nail in America’s coffin? It wasn’t just sensationalism—I meant it. That’s because at this pivotal historical moment—which Biden himself accurately defined as the inflection point—Biden forever stamped America’s place onto the wrong side of history. He revealed to the world at large that America’s moral standing has fallen; he revealed the naked face of America’s complete moral degradation and degeneracy.

Tomorrow he is set to make a landmark request for a massive $74B to support genocide, both in the continuation of barbaric Ukrainian slaughter of civilians, which has gone on for 9 years, and Israel’s barbaric ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

This inflection point may be a “point of no return” for the world. Many are now acknowledging that the world appears to be heading toward a very dark turn. It becomes increasingly likely that the U.S. itself will not even have elections in 2024, or if it does, they will mark an unprecedented social upheaval and potential civil war. This is what I meant by the final nail. Events are spinning out of control, and there’s high chance that “nothing will ever be the same” again if Israel actually pulls the trigger, and Biden gets his money.

There’s still a chance that saner heads will prevail and we’ll avert certain fatalistic possibilities. But one way or another, the moral turpitude being witnessed in the Western world is boiling over to a fever pitch now. The world has grown sick of the arrant hypocrisy, double standards, and outright racism of the elitists from Borrell’s “European Garden.”

We’ve now repeatedly seen them dehumanize anyone who doesn’t agree with their narrative. Russians are allowed to be dehumanized as orcs, Syrians, Palestinians, etc., can be killed at will and labeled ‘terrorists’ with nary a tear shed. In Europe, the Quran is allowed to be openly burned as “free speech”, but now anyone protesting Israel with a Palestinian flag is jailed for “violating” some kind of law:

Read that again and think it through: it’s perfectly legal to burn the Quran as “free speech” but it’s illegal to carry a Palestinian flag because it’s “insensitive” to the Israeli people.

“Come on man, that’s moral uh.. uh…moral uh…”

The world is sick of the rank hypocrisy and double standards of the West. This is why I believe today’s speech marks a pivotal point which we may look back to one day, many years in the future. Biden is the perfect emblematic “terminal president”—a sick, decaying, geriatric, craven and amoral, medically-induced, plastic sock-puppet who represents the terminally diseased final days of his declining empire.

“If you only knew how bad things truly were.”

These are the harrowing images of a perverse nation in decline. And everyone sees that the emperor has no clothes. I’ll leave you with a sampling of tonight’s speech from several outlets. Note the ‘Like’ ratios:

And this new poll:

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