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25 Feb 2025 The difference between West and the RF

Re. phone aps for the masses for the sighting of enemy drones

The subject came up during the People’s Front meeting held by President Putin with defence industry workers in Tula

Everything is discussed, from wages, to benefits, to the Family programs, to work, the Crimea, to workers’ ideas – from which it may be see that Putin is interested to learn what he does not know, and remedy the malfunctions or grievances he can

And this from a defence worker – all you need to know about how the East is different

‘Recently, we came across a similar app in Ukraine and found a very interesting feature. Unlike us, they first need to watch three commercials before sending a signal about a drone, and only then will they be able to report it. Yes, there are all sorts of casinos advertising and so on. Nightmare. A very significant difference, of course.”


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I have to say, you are the best at analysis Simplicius. Thank you!

A Skeptic War Reports


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A smart Zionist looks at Ukraine and makes travel arrangements to flee Israel.

An intelligent Zionist looks at Ukraine and makes travel arrangements for a retreat where they can have a personal introspection of their beliefs, values, and ideology, realizing the error of their ways and walks away from Zionism like their hair is on fire.

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Many thanks sir. May your words of truth reach the ears of those that have not heard.

May the deceived awaken and rebuke the satanic western controllers.

Blessed be your work Simplicius.

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I read this on a fb page - usually has good information - but haven't heard anything else about it -

Regarding the loss of the second A-50U from the Russian Aerospace Forces and the urgent issue of “friendly fire” from air defense

On February 23, 2024, the Russian Aerospace Forces suffered the loss of an A-50U long-range radar detection aircraft, marking the second such loss this year.

📍Despite investigators already working with the S-400 air defense crew, who may have launched the A-50U, as well as the control center, there is still no final clarity, only various theories:

▪️ The Russian air defense crew engaged two enemy missiles launched from the Dnieper direction, failing to respond to the second. This explanation is likely to be included in the upcoming report since stories of “Patriot in Ambush” are commonly featured.

▪️ The Russian air defense crew may have been misled by enemy missiles, leading to accidental targeting of the A-50U. From a purely technical standpoint, it is impossible to rule out the deliberate launch of anti-aircraft missiles by the enemy (such as a modified S-200 Vega) towards our aircraft to provoke Russian air defense into returning fire.

▪️ The Russian air defense crew mistakenly identified the A-50U as an enemy target and engaged it (this explanation is more credible due to the presumption of guilt on the part of the Russian air defense and past incidents of misidentification).

📌The Russian Ministry of Defense is unlikely to provide an official explanation, despite the significance of losing the A-50U for the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Russian Armed Forces as a whole.

The truth may remain elusive: moreover, Ukrainians may benefit from attributing all our downed aircraft to their strikes and labeling the Russian air defense crossbow theory as “psychological operations by Russian military personnel unwilling to acknowledge Ukrainian involvement.”

❗️However, since the start of 2024, five aircraft have been lost (although one damaged IL-20 did land).

📍We will not baselessly claim that all of these losses were due to Russian air defense actions. For the Il-76 transporting Ukrainian prisoners of war, there are virtually no doubts.

The Russian defense department should address these questions if they choose to clarify who is responsible (most likely citing the Patriot air defense system as the cause).

❗️The issue of coordination between air defense and various types of aviation is not just overdue; it has now escalated to the point of criminal negligence, undermining the combat readiness of specific military branches and units. And evidently, no one is willing to address this problem by ignoring it.

We witnessed a similar situation with the Black Sea Fleet, which eventually suffered significant losses despite its initial bravado. Eventually, the decision was made to replace the commander and closely monitor the fleet's activities. But at what cost?

Rest in peace, fallen Russian soldiers.

High-resolution infographics

English version

also this was posted prior -

After Ukraine has shot down the $300 million Russian A-50 AWACS over the Sea of Azov, only 1 serviceable A-50 aircraft remains to the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Meanwhile, keep updated

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Great write up, Simplicius.

I can't see the Ukrainian line holding much longer. There are presumably some quality troops being held back, but the vast majority of this Uke 'army' apoear to be brave but badly trained conscripts, including older men, women and even disabled civilians, who are simply unable to cope under Russian fires and who will run away or surrender (confirmed in your report) - and who can blame them.

It would be fascinating to know at what capacity the Russian military is operating in Ukraine right now. Experts like Martyanov estimate that what are seeing now is just 15-20% of Russia's capacity. I suspect it's higher, but no more than 25-30%. Even if it's 40%, it's a frightening reminder into just how powerful Russia's military forces are in 2024.

You also mentioned that Putin may soon raise the possibility of a referendum in Transnistria. We will see. Interestingly, in a Q&A in April 2014 Putin said the following about Transnistria (link to transcript below) which in the current context seems almost prophetic:

''People there express pro-Russian sentiments and a large number of Russian citizens live in Transnistria. They have their own views on how to build their future and their fate. It would be nothing more than a display of democracy if we were to allow those people do as they wish.... In the long run, people should be allowed to decide their own destiny. This is what we and our partners are going to work on, taking into account the interests of the residents of Transnistria, of course.''

It would be also be a clever strategic move by the Kremlin to throw a Transnistria grenade into the Ukraine mix right now. Zelensky & Co have enough headaches to deal with on the front line, and a Transnistria distraction would presumably require diversion of time, energy and perhaps even military resources that Ukraine just can't afford right now.

Linked to that is the sudden escalation of subversion behind enemy lines in Ukraine, which I assume you'll be commenting on soon. There has been an uptick in assassinations & sabotage, particularly in and around Odessa. Activating these assets now to create mayhem behind the front line makes sense from Russia's perspective, and may dovetail into an overall strategy vis-a-vis intensified offensive ops across the line.

Anyway that's my 10 cents. Thanks again for all your hard work.

Putin's Transnistria comments : https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/transcript-vladimir-putins-april-17-qanda/2014/04/17/ff77b4a2-c635-11e3-8b9a-8e0977a24aeb_story.html

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Thank you.

At the same time, within short time, two Russian equivalent to AWACS surveillance planes were reportedly lost to supposedly friendly fire — critical to combat Ukraine’s new F16 planes….

These are very expensive specialized planes — what is happening?

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The Abrams video was absolutely hilarious. Shows tank driving around and firing. Shows results that are clearly edited in from a totally different location and from hits of what is obviously an artillery barrage and not fire from the Abrams. "wInNinG!"

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It is interesting how so many from the Ukrainian side talk of the need for "total mobilization." Sure, it might be needed, but how can it be effected? Ukraine has pretty much zero money. It has pretty much zero equipment. It has pretty much zero productive capacity. How do you pay for training and how do you equip a massive "total mobilization" army? Even more basically, how do you even pay the government machinery necessary to actually find, notify, and mobilize all these people?

I posit that Ukraine - even if the manpower is available - isn't even capable of mobilizing its society, much less actually fielding a newly mobilized mass.

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Insightful Succinct Illuminating Presentation

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One of your best articles.

Quantitative changes inevitably lead to qualitative changes, and we're about to see Russia make that big leap in Ukraine. Maybe Westoids will finally understand how attrition warfare is supposed to work?

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Great analysis. Nice.

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There appears to be a secret agreement in the West to help Russia end the war. The US Congress is blocking a new aid package for Ukraine, Poland, with the help of strikers, has cut off supplies across its border. The Russian army has a window of opportunity of several months to carry out an offensive and liberate the territory. Perhaps the Russian government knows about Moldova’s plans to seize Transnistria with the help of the Ukrainian army, so it is preparing preventive recognition of this region as Russian in order to have diplomatic and legal leverage in the future.

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Can you believe that bozo, Tom Cooper, wrote that Ukraine had “however, the ZSU also suffered DOZENS of losses” while retreating in Adiivka?!

When people call him a lunatic, he then delete post, ban people, change articles…

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