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Macron Attempts to Woo Nation to War


A brief analysis today on Macron’s historic appeal disguised as a casual TV interview:

A selection of Macron’s main statements on Ukraine during an interview with France 2:

— France will never take the initiative in military operations in Ukraine.

— The West should not allow Russia to win in Ukraine.

— The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the last few months has not gone as expected, the situation at the front is very fragile.

— If Russia wins, then trust in Europe will be reduced to zero.

The French President did not make a statement that French troops would definitely be in Ukraine, contrary to reports from some channels.

And here are some of the more pronounced excerpts:

“We have only one objective, Russia cannot win this war.”

“Because if they win, the lives of French would change permanently…our existence is at stake…we have already suffered the consequences of this war in our daily life, our hospitals suffer dysfunction because of the Russian aggression…”

Reiterating: “This war is existential for Europe and France.”

Lastly, he spells the entire thing out very clearly, explaining how all previous red lines were crossed by him and his cohort, which implies that the final red line of sending troops should not be considered a barrier:

Zelensky on the other hand publicly declared that the French army should come to Ukraine for the ostensible purpose of training AFU on its own land:

As all of this was going on, a video of the call with Putin from just before the start of the SMO—which Macron’s team had originally leaked—had again begun making the rounds, particularly amongst propaganda outlets, which leads one to conclude it was part of the French psyop to build up Macron’s imaginary ‘puissance’.

I’m not certain if this release has new scenes added, but it is clearly edited by Macron’s team to make him look as ostensibly ‘dominant’ as possible, with Putin’s reactions often slyly edited out to make Macron appear in fulfillment of his alpha-male fantasy. In reality, it shows nothing but weakness, insecurity, and overcompensation on his part; not to mention revealing that Putin tried his hardest to reason with the totally ideologically unreasonable West.

Of course, Putin got in his own shots of strutting machismo, casually informing his dandified counterpart he was taking his call from the gym.

But returning to matters: Another mini-bombshell Le Monde article relayed that Macron casually told a private group at the Elysée recently that he will soon be forced to send troops to Odessa:

Can it get any clearer?

NATO cannot let Russia capture Odessa for a multitude of reasons.

  1. NATO was building important naval bases there in order to fully neutralize Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the future

  2. It would allow Russia to totally landlock Ukraine, thus ruining NATO’s last remaining puppet-state’s chances of being a military thorn in Russia’s side

  3. The above alone would allow Russia to dominate global wheat markets as Ukraine would have little ways to export its grain

  4. It would allow Russia to create an unbroken land corridor to Pridnestrovie (Transnistria) which would catalyze into an even greater ‘domino-effect’ collapse of NATO destabilization plans, allowing Russia to totally solve the PMR issue and create a fortress in the region

In short, it’s absolutely apocalyptic for NATO to lose Odessa.

But here’s the problem: all of NATO combined without the U.S. Army cannot defeat Russia. Yes, even bogged down in Ukraine—Russia has now raised an entirely new army group of over 500k men which is enough to take out all of NATO by itself, barring U.S. presence.

However: the U.S. absolutely could not and would not commit its land forces to such a European war effort. Why? Because it would mean totally trapping the entire already-depleted and shrinking U.S. military in this one theater, allowing China to grab Taiwan at its leisure without threat of the U.S. military aiding in any overtly significant way.

Two significant things to remember: only a few NATO states are barking, many others have openly declared no troop involvement, Italy and Germany amongst them. In fact, it’s now coming to light that Germany’s internal claim for not supplying Taurus missiles is because it would require them to place ground troops in Ukraine to administer the missiles, which is a big red line for them.

And the other big thing no one has brought up:

NATO’s infamous Article 5 specifies that mutual defense doctrine is only triggered if NATO troops are attacked on NATO territory.

Can you guess what that means for French troops being hit in Odessa?

That means Macron is walking a very fine line—if he can’t get a coalition to back him in this new drive, he’ll be an emperor with no clothes as French troops would be left alone to face potential Russian strikes, to which they would have no answer whatsoever, and would be wiped out.

This is why Macron is now stampeding across Europe to try and desperately build such a coalition:

But so far they’ve managed to come up with nothing but the same old tired talking points about ‘procuring more weapons’ for Ukraine, as well as reviving the flogged horse of stealing Russia’s frozen funds:

The Lemonde article reveals a few other interesting tidbits:

It claims that the French military had already begun secret discussions about sending troops as far back as June, 2023, just days after Ukraine’s disastrous offensive was beginning to write its foregone conclusion on the wall. That means in spite of the phony pretenses of their public morale-boosting addresses at the time, internally, they knew within the first famous Leopard-Bradley shooting gallery pileup that it was essentially over for Ukraine, and that NATO troops would be the only possible solution to stop Russia from inevitably taking over the entire country.

However, read the last line as well: “The primary objective is to send Russia a signal of resolve and long-term commitment.”

This goes back to Petr Pavel’s talk of engineering a condition of “strategic ambiguity” for Russia with all these latest threats. This means there’s still chance that these are all bluffs meant to make Russia “think twice”.

As for Odessa, Banderites have recently discussed what would happen if and when Russian troops approach:

Either way, Macron appears to have failed in swaying Scholz:

Not to mention:

In the ruling party of Germany, they called for a "freeze" of the war in Ukraine.

During debates in the Bundestag on the transfer of Taurus missiles, the leader of the SPD faction, Rolf Mützenich, made a statement, as reported by Bild.

He praised Chancellor Scholz for his "responsibility, prudence, and balance."

And of course the vote for the Taurus massively failed:


- 495 against
- 190 in favor
- 5 abstentions

The majority of people, by the way, don’t actually understand the real reason behind Germany’s trepidation at sending the Taurus. It’s not that Germany is somehow more afraid to get involved, considering the fact they’re already the top aid provider besides the U.S.

It has more to do with the fact that, unlike the Storm Shadows, limited to under 250km for the export versions given Ukraine, the Taurus comes stock at well over 500km range, and is reportedly secretly capable of carrying nuclear warheads—a fact the Bundestag indirectly confirmed by declining to answer the question recently, stating it was ‘top secret information’.

That means the Taurus presents a totally different type of strategic threat if used against Russia. From the Russian standpoint, if a Taurus were to be launched into Russian territory, Russia would have no choice but to treat it as a potential nuclear first strike attack from NATO, given that Moscow is less than 500km from Ukrainian territory and there is no way to determine if the missile is nuclear-armed during its inbound flight. This opens up an entirely different can of worms, which would doctrinally give Russian armed forces the allowance to potentially respond to Germany in almost any escalatory measure, up to and including preventative nuclear launch on Berlin.

Germany knows this, which is why the Taurus is off the table. However, they’re now considering their old ‘circular’ game of providing the Taurus to the UK in exchange for UK freeing up its remaining Storm Shadow stocks to Ukraine, etc.

Lastly, it’s very interesting that today, right after Macron’s brawny televised theatrics, Russia struck none other than….Odessa with a huge masterful blow that reportedly wiped out many important people, and has even the Ukrainian side openly wailing from the soul:

The Ukrainian publication Dumskaya reportedly published then quickly deleted the following:

Today's missile strike in Odessa was aimed at a facility where military or police had gathered.

🔹 The Ukrainian (!) publication “Dumskaya” writes about this.

🔹The publication suggests that in the facility at Kovalevsky’s dacha, where the flight took place, despite security measures, mass events were held with personnel.

“The barracks in Nikolaev, Desna and Yavorov, the arrival of the 128th in Zarechny - aren’t there enough such cases to understand once and for all: even in the deep rear it is impossible to concentrate personnel, to hold any kind of mass events with them?

There is a German proverb: Was wissen Zwei, wisst Schwein (“What two know, a pig knows”). But there are clearly not two here - probably the whole district knew that some kind of military or police had settled in the recreational facility. And the enemy quickly included the object in the list of priority targets. It was enough just to wait for the right moment, and then it came...

How many more people must lose their lives before we learn to observe basic safety measures always and everywhere? The question, as they say, is rhetorical,”

- the publication writes.

Later “Dumskaya” deleted this post

One doesn’t have to be Christopher Langan to grok that the strike was a direct warning from Putin: “Your baguette-battalion will not be safe in Odessa, little emperor.”

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